Daily Inspiration #1032 by Jonathan Peterson

Daily Inspiration #1032

by Jonathan Peterson – See his blog HERE. His Flickr is HERE. 

Greetings, Steve!

I’ve been coming back to your site over and over again for the past few years. I’m really loving the community that you’ve fostered here. Keep up the good work!

These are really exciting times to be a photographer. Yet another high-tech Sony product seems to be making waves within the community and YouTube is exploding with extensive testing videos for their new flagship camera, the Sony a9.
With all this talk about its “game-changing” features, it’s hard not to give in to the gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) that has repeatedly plagued me over the past few years. Funny enough, it turns out that creating quality images with your current tools is a good remedy! 😉
Photo 1: ‘Fierce Ruby’
I made this photograph during a workshop in London hosted by the talented Matthew Osborne. Ruby, our model for the day, was quite experienced and a pleasure to work with. I may have created better portraits on that day, but the framing of this photograph keeps drawing me back.
Photo 2: ‘Camden Town’
Camden Town is absolutely one of my favorite districts to visit in London. There’s so much character to it and it attracts very interesting subjects for street photography.
Photo 3: ‘When Shyness Melts Away’
Feels like a special moment to me, folks. I hope you enjoy, friends. Feel free to leave some feedback.
From Steve: To Submit your own daily inspiration, just send three of your fave photos you shot recently along with a description and links to your blog, Flickr or social media. Send to Steve HERE. 


  1. Nice shots, and I particularly like your last one (When Shyness Melts Away). It looks so natural, and the colors are great. Well done.

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