Daily Inspiration #1036. The Sony RX100 MK 1 and Iron Maiden by Justin Press

Daily Inspiration #1036. The Sony RX100 MK 1 and Iron Maiden

by Justin Press

Greetings Steve and Brandon.

I shoot shows from time to time when a pass is provided with a Canon set-up but there are instances when I join the crowd and just go stealth. As a massive Iron Maiden supporter I wanted to be one of the crowd and join the thousands of punters drinking and losing their utter minds to the band and the camera I reach for that doesn’t drive the front door security nuts is the Sony RX100 (Mark I). 
It’s small, the length is proper, the colors are easy to correct and since a Maiden show is always changing with production, smoke, fire and lighting, the RX auto-setting is a more hit than not compromise.
I was sitting lower balcony about 5 rows up and almost even eyed with Steve and Jannick (though the Union Jack shot with Bruce for “The Trooper” was a week earlier from a more  side- stage position). Regardless there is so much visually to capture at a Maiden gig that I have hundreds of files but chose these four to pay respects to what the original high-end compact is still capable of.
Thank you for letting me share my images and my daily inspiration. Maybe I should look into the RX100 Mark IV….
Up The Irons,
Justin Press


  1. Great pictures indeed! I’ve recently laid my paws on an RX100 Mk1 as well, as I also wanted something small and powerful (and cheap, hence the Mk1) for similar reasons. I’m still getting to grips with it, but I’m loving the little fella! It’s first proper outing was this year’s Glastonbury music festival. It certainly helped not having to lug a full DSLR kit! Some images from the festival are on my instagram (steamrunnerpics) and Flickr (flickr.com/photos/frontios).

  2. Do you have a site where I could see more of these. I do love the fun atmosphere of these.

    • Wayne. Thank you kindly. I do not have a site currently but do put some on my Instagram (JustinCPress). I really need to get in gear and create a site.

  3. Great pictures for such a small camera and in difficult lighting. I like it.

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