Daily Inspiration #1038 by Maria Vesset

Daily Inspiration #1038

by Maria Vesset

Hi Steve and Brandon! I continue to be inspired and educated thanks to your site. Thank you! You have been kind in the past and featured my iphone photos twice. I have since then acquired a “proper” camera, one that is sadly not a Leica (yet) and was hoping you might consider letting me post once more.


FROM STEVE: If you have three photos you would like to submit for a daily inspiration, I am bringing them back! Just send me an email at stevehuff1@me.com with three photos you like. Explain the photos and tell the story. You can say what camera you used as well, and send any links back to your social media or website. Thank you!


  1. Really diggin’ the first one because of the dark tones and the seemingly raw candid emotion, but they are all great. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Maria, your photographs are outstanding, they somehow got hat special eye…please, do get on with your work and please….share it with us….I fell there is plenty more to come

  3. I didn’t realize that the “Daily Inspiration ” was on hiatus. Steve, thank you for bringing it back!
    Since I forgot to put down my information, here it is:
    instagram- mashavesset

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