Daily Inspiration #1040 by Pierre Wolf

Daily Inspiration #1040

by Pierre Wolf

Hi Steve,

I have been a fan of your site for several years now, I check it every day, thanks a lot for running it. So glad the Daily Inspirations are back.
I have lived now for six years in a little town in Lorraine (France), and I must admit that sometimes I got to think I had taken all the pictures worth being taken, walking my dog along mostly the same few itineraries every day. 
But then one day it just happens: I take my camera with me after several weeks of abstinence, and all of a sudden I get a whole series of keepers. Here are my three favorites from that day; just for fun I have given them titles that are also song titles.
1. Jump for joy (Duke Ellington)
One of my countless cloud pictures; I usually leave my camera in b&w mode, with red filter to darken the sky. This one just makes me think of an animal, maybe a dog, jumping joyfully.  
2. When you’re smiling (the whole world smiles with you) (Frank Sinatra)
When I met these charming little girls, we started talking about my dog. I think their parents were taking part in a pétanque tournament being held nearby. They asked me to take a picture of both of them, which I gladly did. Took just a second. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures; ever.
3. Watching and waiting (Moody Blues)
I saw this little dog in our Parc Hanus. He was watching the passers-by and waiting for his master to finish whatever he’s doing.
The camera is a Fuji X30, which I am quite happy with. It is curious that its predecessors, the X10 and X20, were hailed as great achievements, while the X30, which actually was much improved – nice EVF, much better battery etc. – was frowned upon; go figure. The lens is 7-28 mm F/2-2.8;  with a crop factor of 4, that makes it an FF equivalent 28-112 mm f/8-11. 
Have a nice day.

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  1. Just drove by your area last year on my way to Ribeauvillé and Bergheim. Driving the winding roads of the Vosges I realized that there a millions of photographs to be taken in the area, so no, none of us has taken all the photos there are to be taken. Great that you decided to take your camera with you then. Life is worth recording, and we all need to know more about that part of the world, so keep sharing with us and good luck.

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