TECH: A Different Kind of Music Player, and for $29, hard to beat.

TECH: A Different Kind of Music Player, and for $29, hard to beat.

By Steve Huff

It’s FRIDAY and today I made a video on something I thought I would have to send back out or even worse, toss out. This is not a photo review or even photo related, other than the fact that I shot this video with my Canon M50 (which I ADORE for video, but that’s for another day and post).

To get to the point, I was sent this music player (which with the code they gave me to share comes in at $29.99) that plays CD, FM radio or can even accept tunes from your phone via bluetooth. Built in speakers, wall mount, stand mount, remote… at $29 this could make a great Christmas gift for your kids, or anyone who wants a unique music player that will not break the bank.

I have a collection of “old” CD’s and today we can get CD’s for $1-$3 each. There are some of the younger gen who have never even held a CD, so this could be a cool way to introduce them to what you grew up on back in the day.

See my video below and check it out as for the cost, it’s really a great buy if you are looking for an all in one music player!

You can buy this at Amazon HERE The $30 off code is WBPOJP7L and is good through the end of September 2018. Normal price is $59.99. 

My video review below…see and hear it. 


  1. Hi Steve

    I did order and receved this CD player. First CD start skiping after few minutes. Opened brand new CD, same thing.
    Tried them with other CD players and no problems. So disapointed. I don’t know is it just my player but it is poor player even for $30.

    • Return for refund! Mine doesn’t skip at all, and I have been using it a few times per week while I work. But it’s an easy return to amazon for a refund which is what you should do. Thanks for your experience. Good to know.

  2. Hi Steve, many criticize @amazon that the machine makes noises when powering on and that the volume reverts to MAX whenever started. Is that true for your machine as well?

  3. I was thinking… wait, I´ve seen this at MUJI! I even gave it a try at the store but it was very expensive for what it offered. If I remember right, the one at MUJI does not habe the BT function. So for 60 dollars it´s a nice deal.

  4. Hi Steve, thanks for the review. Muji, the japanese store, has had this cd player at retail for years, at 200$ aprox. Yours is probably the same chinese maker sold for a quarter or a third of that price, so it’s good to have options. Cheers,

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