Daily Inspiration Photo. Partial Eclipse by Zav Hoover

Daily Inspiration Photo. Partial Eclipse

by Zev Hoover

It’s been years since I posted a daily inspiration photo. If you guys think I should bring it back, let me know in the comments below. This would feature YOUR photos and shots. Just send them to me and I will post them here with your text and link to your social media or website.

Today’s image was so spectacular I had to share it with all of you. It comes from Zev Hoover and his description is under his amazing photo below!

“The image is of a partial annular eclipse as viewed from Quincy Beach, in Quincy MA on June 10th, 2021 at roughly 5:35am. A bird passed by at near to the moment of fullest eclipse in Boston. The sinusoidal motion of the bird flapping its wings mirrors that of the sum of signs that is the earth, sun, and moons rotations, all of which had to come together to make this image happen.  A unique moment I could not help but share, and one that will not happen again in this location for near 400 years.

This is processed, but not a faked image. Consecutive frames were statistically combined using a minimum function to include the dark silhouetted bird in every frame against the eclipse. Other image manipulation was limited to basic brightness and contrast adjustments.

Hope you are having a lovely morning,


You can follow Zev on 500px,  Flickr, Facebook, or at his Blog HERE

If you guys want me to bring these back, let me know and feel free to send me one of your favorite images along with a description and links to your social media. I will post it soon after!




  1. What a GREAT photogroaph Zev! Thank you for sharing this with us Steve…i would love to see daily inspirational shots come back…sori

  2. Got too carried away in that last message to say WOW, what an absolutely amazing once-in-a-lifetime shot, truly awesome!!

  3. Hi Steve,
    We all go through phases for everything and I can completely understand you feeling some burn-out in relation to the camera gear world. In my 57 years on this spinning rock I can say I’ve had my share of phases and burn-outs too.
    You started off this site when things were a bit simpler in both the photography and internet worlds, both have got more complex and the latter has become a lot more poisonous, with people spending every hour of every day figuring out bad/offensive ways to diss anything that people like yourself and many others spend hours putting together, that must take its toll. Not to mention the pressures I’m guessing you got from different manufacturers every time you posted, or didn’t post something about their kit.
    You write what about what is currently floating your boat, who are any of us to say otherwise. On the other side if you want new fresh content for your page ‘for free’ then I think bringing back your Inspirational or Steve’s Pic Pick would be a great way of doing that. You’ll notice I put ‘for free’ in quotes, it might be free to us the reader but I know it will cost you in terms of time to curate this. I also used to love the ‘reader reviews’ (where are you Ashwin?), again, if there’s time to curate some of that then it gets my vote. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty difficult to buy any completely duff gear these days, it’s all good so what we buy comes down to personal tastes, brand loyalty and budget, but it’s what we do with it as users that provides the differences, if someone can inspire another by seeing some work on here then that can’t be a bad thing.

    • Anyone who wants to do so can email me at stevehuff1@me.com – Just send 1-3 photos and some text explaining them or the gear you used. Also, any links you would like me to showcase (social media, website, etc). Thank you!

  4. Beautiful shot! So nice to see “Visual” on site! I care nothing about sound systems! That was 50 years ago. Always enjoyed site.

    • It’s interesting but my audio reviews get 10X the traffic that my camera reviews do. Camera reviews are dying a slow death as many are tired of the constant cycle (including me). Audio is huge now, and growing. It also has been a passion of mine for 35 years, and I write those review from passion as I make not a cent from them but thousands love to read them. I have written audio reviews here for seven years and will continue to do so. Cameras? Not so sure. I would love to bring back these inspiration photos but no one is sending any in, so unlikely. Thank you.

      • Hmm, fully support for your idea with inspirational photos. I also followed your page for several years – and went through the same cycle regarding cameras. I am taking pictures with various cameras (iPhone, Leica, Sony, Canon) and under many conditions. Will send you some pictures.
        …. Also recovered my Hi-Fi Hobby – now listening to analog records and Multichannel recordings – the new stereo! I think.

        BTW. Another idea: readers could introduce their music systems in a blog … maybe interesting

  5. Wow! Amazing shot! Yes, please do share more of these posts – I really miss them (and Film Fridays, etc.)!

  6. I’m glad that you brought this back. I like to see reader content. BTW, if you’re still accepting user reports or reviews, let us know.

    Nice shot, Zev!

  7. 😮
    That imagee is sensational! Looks like the camera position has been adjusted to get the bird perfectly in the frame, along with all other parts, surely that is not just luck?
    Very well done!

  8. I would like to see them again. Daily may be a little much for you, but occasionally with be appreciated. Maybe make it a pleasant surprise rather than an expectation.

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