My HiFi Audiophile System and Room Tour 2022 (Steve Huff HiFi)

My HiFi System and Room Tour 2022 (video)

By Steve Huff

My Reference HiFi system has come a long way over the last eight months or so. It is now completed, and is what I will use to compare gear that comes in for review in 2022. You can see it all in the video below, as well as a sneak peak of my next two reviews in the HiFi realm. Enjoy!

See the video below or direct at my YouTube channel HERE


  1. You acknowledge, more than most, how the environment, the listening room, is the ultimate definer of the system sound. I appreciate that. You talk of synergy, your Hi-Fi system combining together with harmony and balance. The synergy with the room is everything. I know…
    35 years of experimenting, tweaking, adapting, learning. And spending! Very much enjoying your journey.
    Even the wife is joining in, she thinks the money you spend is crazy, but she has nagged me in to some modest tweaks. I swapped-out the Wharfedale D220 for my D225, but they were reaching down well below 40hz in my room and booming, then she nagged me to bring out the Mordaunt Short MS914, a small 2-way floor-stander, but they too went down to 40hz or so….um, in my room the D220 are king. But…there is a port hole in the back of the MS914, further down, below the bass reflex port, intended to allow mass-loading with sand or similar, which is plugged with a hard plastic insert. I took those inserts out, leaving the loading ports open…hey presto, bass more refined, smoother, not as “thumpy”. Sorted. Shouldn’t work, but my ears do not lie. Little things. A step up from the budget (but remarkably capable D220) which everyone so far says is an improvement. Time will tell. The treble is just slightly more emphasised and I wonder…I have traded-up dynamic improvement and excitement but lost the supreme balance of the D220 ( my good balance/calm was for others too laid back or even bland). Wife says this is the new (modest) reference for me.

  2. Hi Steve, have you ever heard Audio Notes E-speakers in one of its versions? Would love to hear your impression. Best regards, Michael

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