Nagra Classic PreAmp and Amp in the House. The Leica of HiFi.

Nagra Classic PreAmp and Amp in the House. The Leica of HiFi. 

I managed to get the Nagra classic pre and amp in the house! I talked about them a bit in my Kinki EXM1 video review HERE but you can see much more of these pieces in the new video below. These are wallet busting high end pieces that offer up tubes, Class A sound and the made in Switzerland look and design. Clean. Precise. Almost surgical in looks. The sound is another story. These pieces bring up the most 3D and holographic soundstage I have ever heard in my room. The sound is sweet, with layers upon layers of clean sound and beautiful death with a touch of warmth to bring body and soul to the music.

Never heard anything in my space as refined and magical as these but at the cost of $37k for the set, new retail, they SHOULD.

They perform lovely with my Fleetwood Deville speakers and even the Klipsch Heritage models I have on hand (LaScala, Heresy IV and Forte IV). The Nagra sound is big, bold, sweet, holographic. airy and pristine. It’s gorgeous.

You can see these pieces in the video below. If you are in Arizona, AZHIFI is a Dealer in Phoenix. They also have the Deville’s! You can see and hear them in the shop. If you go, tell Bill or Glenn I sent ya!

See the video below…

Also see my Kinki EXM1 review which also has the “Swiss Sound” signature.. 


  1. ▫️Good reply to a negative post.
    ▫️While I will probably never hear or spend for Nagra gear, it is really interesting to get your take on very high-end gear. I think your evaluations and descriptions are particularly credible to me because you have the comparative experience of having listened to a broad range of gear and price ranges (some of which I own).
    ▫️I think speakers are particularly interesting because they can sound so different, interact with the listening space and are sensitive to placement. I really like Magnepans for the jazz and classical I listen to, their bang for the buck, and their disappearing act. However, I’m sure there are many other speakers I would also like. I would really like to hear the Fleetwood Deville speakers.
    ▫️Please keep up the reviews of all price ranges.

  2. Thanks Steve.
    Has anybody weighed this combo up against their classic int? And Steve, have you tried the classic pre with your Pass Labs monos, wondering if you get enough Nagra flavour? Much appreciated.

    • The Classic INT, from what I have heard from those who have heard both, is that it is a touch leaner/quicker (it doesn’t have the tubes). The Classic Pre and Amp combo is stunning and the Classic Pre drives the Pass Labs amps very well. I love that you can change the gain with a flick of a switch, as well as the sensitivity on the amp itself. This combo is really magical. I recently read an interview with someone from Nara who said heir customer base is mostly men aged 50-60 who has been through many brands in life…and then they settle with Nagra and never look back. It’s one of those brands. It’s expensive but it 100% removes any curiosity about anything better. It’s as good as I have heard and yet in small enclosures that are not back breaking in weight. Finding used Nagra is also almost impossible. Very rarely do they show up on the used market. When they do though they normally sell very fast.

  3. Beautiful pieces. Nagra field recorders are the standard in many major film and Tv productions because they are built like a tank. looks like their audiophile componants are as well. Nice video

  4. They look really small. The technique behind that sound would be interesting to see and how they differ from an ordinary Amplifier like Denon or Onkyo.
    The design looks, sorry to say, like a washing machine. Especially the knobs look like one. But it is a matter of taste, some may like this of course.

    • These are far above any Denon or Onkyo. This duo here beat out a $20k all Class A pairing from Pass Labs for me in my room. Denon and Onkyo are not in this kind of class in build, sound or well… anything. All depends on how high the quality ladder one wants to climb though. World class speakers would be a must with this set. This means, buying into Nagra is a very expensive proposition. While Leica cameras (these days) create images that look the same as Canon, Sony, Nikon (for the most part) Nagra Audio truly excels in sound above most of what I have heard, regardless of cost. If one is wealthy, and wants some of the best amplification in audio, Nagra is a must audition. : )

      • Yes, to me they are too expensive. But I like to hear about them, because I like Hifi. I am interested to know if they develop their own Hardware or just use Standard-Components and optimize that to this excellent sound?
        I use Stax-Headphones to enjoy my Music, the offer me a little bit High-End without having to spend so much Money. Of course, the Orpheus II are a dream also if I had that much money. Its nice to hear that you enjoy the Nagra so much.
        What I loved to see is an unbiased review of the M11. Just to see how the Leica-Look has changed in this camera. You said, the Sigma DP has a look similar to Leica. I like to archive that look with a Fuji, but that is not so easy.

    • So from you we have name calling. We have ignorance. We have someone who knows nothing about passions or life itself. These are not mine, I review gear. I was able to borrow this set to show how close the much less expensive (15X less) Kinki Amp gets to the Nagra in sound. It gets 85% there (or more) and is what I recommend.

      Even so, if one is wealthy and wants some of the best audio amplification, Nagra is worth a look. Wether you like it or not there are many out there who are wealthy and do buy things such as this. If I had the money I would as well, but I would also continue to help others (as I do all of the time, and have for 20 years) when I can. Just because you do not have the mind to understand things such as this does not mean anything other than you are ignorant.

      So using grade school intelligence and words in your comments just shows me and tells me you are not yet evolved enough in your life to understand the complexities of said life. It’s ok, one day you may learn.

      Maybe stop being so negative and angry and try to do something to improve your life. It’s too short to go around spreading hate, negativity and unhappiness. Smile my friend, life can be amazing if you allow it to be. I promise you.


      • Yes, I do not know why angry people have to make non productive comments. Just move on. I am not wealthy, however, I love reading reviews of high end products. In many cases where companies offer products at many price levels, I find much of the top of the line tech and features trickle down into the company’s lower, more affordable lines. If I were wealthy, Nagra products especially their new TT, would be on my short list

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