Willsenton R300 Tube Integrated Amp Review.

Willsenton R300 Tube Integrated Amp Review.

By Steve Huff

Phew. It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks. It seems the HiFi reviews have kicked into a higher gear with more products coming in to the room for review. I am thankful for that as I love doing these audio reviews. As I get older I find I am spending even more time listening to music, and I do so to relax, to ease my body and also my mind. As I sit on my couch in my listening room I settle in and usually listen for 2-5 hours at a time.

My Video Review

That may sound extreme to some, but sometimes I write these reviews while I listen. Sometimes I listen in the morning when I have my tea and I start the day with some beautiful sounds. Other times, Debby will sit and listen with me as we relax and listen to full albums. Living remotely like hermits in the woods affords us this opportunity, lol.

To enjoy music reproduction this much requires a system that is non fatiguing. By this I mean it can not be bright or etched in any way. I am always on the search for amplifiers, DACs and solutions to bring that certain sound I enjoy into my room. While I have reviewed so many solid state amps this year, I have always been a S.E.T. (Single Ended Triode) guy at heart. It’s why every speaker I own is easy to drive. From Klipsch Heritage to Fleetwood Deville’s. There is just something special about a low wattage single ended triode amp and a sensitive speaker.

These combos have life, they have pizazz and they get closer to recreating a live performance than most speakers I have heard. They create a realistic “in the room” intimate kind of performance. I love that kind of stuff.

Today I want to talk about an integrated amp that I bought with my own money from Amazon (prime) a few weeks ago. It is indeed one of these low powered S.E.T. integrated amplifiers that I could not pass up the chance to check out. Could this amp be as good as other amps of this variety that cost much much more?

The Willsenton R300. A 300B tube based amp that offers up 10 watts per channel.


This integrated amplifier is bonafide gorgeous in looks and design. It is also hand made and hand wired, something that is not done very much these days due to the expense. It has a blue semi glossy piano paint finish for a true high end look. It is built very well and uses what I feel is the most magical tube in existence for audio. The 300B. This is an integrated amp made for easy to drive speakers and the sounds it creates are lush, deep, rich and beautiful.

In the past I have tried amps like this that cost around $6k and up, and one even had a bad transformer buzz. This amp I am talking about today is $1,499.00 and is silent as a mouse. 

What? Yes my friends, this is a beautiful amp that has the sound to match and even has a basic metal remote. All for a penny under $1500.

I ordered this amp because I was curious about how an amp from China, using the 300B tube would sound. I have heard amps made in the USA that are similar to this one and when these amps are quiet they usually sound beautiful.

The 300B tube does indeed have a special characteristic. The sound usually has a plump mid and upper midrange and a big wooly bass on the bottom end. Not loose bass, but big wide open bass. Sometimes the top end is slightly rolled off as well. Slightly.

These amps are usually the definition of what most people expect a tube amp to sound like.That is a good thing as long as the speakers have synergy well with the amp.

The sound is described by some as “romantic” because of this big sound that is welcoming, warm and with 3D qualities.

I enjoy this sound. but not everyone does. It is in no way lightning fast, lean or overly detailed. Rather 300B amps usually tend to focus on the human voice, bringing them in  your room in the most magical of ways. It’s that midrange thing and the 300B, in my opinion, has no equal in this area. I have heard 2A3, 845 and 805 based SET amps. For me, the 300B is just a stunner with voices. This tube has always held a place in my heart ever since I owned a Duetto amp from Wavelength Audio (and then the Cardinals) oh I would say that was about 22 years ago.

The 300B tube brings the artist in the room with you in a more haunting ethereal way than any solid state amp can muster. Along with this we usually hear a very wide soundstage that is three dimensional with a gentle treble that has just enough sparkle to make it all realistic.

I have heard these magical qualities in other 300B amps but would it be present in a $1500 made n China integrated from Amazon? If so, the times they are a changing!

Yet Another Willsenton Amp

A couple of years ago I reviewed another amp by Willsenton simply called the R8. The “R8” is another “value” tube amp that really performed well past its price point. In fact, I feel the R8 sounds just as good as some other amps just like it in the $4-5K range. No joke. Add some better tubes and it can sing with the likes of Prima Luna for much less. (Prima Luna is also made in China).

As sweet as the R8 is, the R300 has even more tube magic than the R8 in my opinion.

It is more expansive, more human, and has that true 300B character. The only catch is that this is an amp made for speakers that are at least 90db efficient. Sure, it may drive some 87db speakers in a small room but do not expect any head banging to be going on. This amp shines with speakers that are easy to drive. Horns are WOW with this amp.

With sensitive speakers this amp weaves its magic with effortless ease.

I tested the R300 with Klipsch Heresy IV and Klipsch LaScala’s. I also tested it with Fleetwood Deville SQ’s and harder to drive Emotiva budget speakers. This amp was able to drive all of them and all produced sound that was big, warm, fluid and expansive.

I hooked up the all tube R300 (it is even tube rectified) to the DCS Lina DAC, the Weiss 501 DAC and a Bluesound Node. The cool thing about an amp like this is that its forte is not about throwing surgical details at you. This means almost any decent DAC will do and sound lovely with this integrated.

Wether I used the pricey DACs or the $600 Node, real human music emerged from the speakers and this music never sounded artificial in any way. Sure, I heard more space and expansiveness with the DCS and a little more detail with the Weiss but even the Node brought some of these qualities when using the R300.

As I looked over the amp I was sort of shocked at the quality of the build, the design and the sound it brings for the price. So much so I have already declared it my “best buy integrated amp for all of 2022”!

At $1499 this amp is better than it should be. This R300 actually looks like a very pricey amp sitting on my shelf and easily rivals competitors in the 300B integrated space that cost thousands more.


One thing that truly impressed me was the lack of noise and hum. The Klipsch LaScala AL5 are 109 DB efficient. With the Naim Supernait 3 hooked up I can hear hiss and some buzzing and while the music sounds fantastic with the SN3 and the Klipsch, when there are silent segments the noise is easily heard. This is because the LaScala are so sensitive it can pick up any amount of noise from an amp.

With a Pass Labs XA 60.8 set of amps I hear some hiss from the AL5’s but no buzzing. With the Willsenton R8 I hear some hiss but no buzzing. With the R300 they are nearly silent which is crazy. Sure, there is some hiss when I am close as this is normal but at my seat I hear nothing. This is crazy for an all tube design as there is usually noise associated with tubes.

The transformers are also silent, without any kind of vibration, buzzing or humming.

Last year I bought another popular USA brand 300B Integrated amp from Amazon. Yes, they had 3 of them via prime at a clearance price of $3900 and it was an amp I always wanted to try out.

Unfortunately I did not get to hear it as it buzzed so loudly I had to send it back. The transformer vibrated and I felt it when I put my hand on it. Then the volume knob broke off with a normal twist. I must have had either a bad sample or maybe it was damaged in shipping, I do not know. It felt a little cheap in construction and was not hand wired. It also used a Solid State rectifier.

This is another reason I had to try the Willsenton as it was 1/3 the price and if it was quiet and brought that 300B sound I knew it would be a keeper. A no brainer. 

I am happy to say that after  nearly 3 weeks of being powered up I have not heard any noise from the R300. No crackles, no hum, bo buzzing at all.

The Music from a S.E.T. Amp

There is just something about sitting in a dim room listening to a S.E.T. Amp. Yes, this amp is a Class A S.E.T. amp, or Single Ended Triode. S.E.T. amps have seething special about them and I have always been a fan of them. My fondest memories of listening over the last several years have been with S.E.T. amps and I now remember why after spending some time with the R300.

I have owned a couple of S.E.T. amps  from Line Magnetic and loved them. The sound was rich, big, and hauntingly beautiful. Since they left I seemed to have forgotten that beauty and the R300 was quick to remind me.

With the Willsenton I am getting what I hoped for and while the 300B tube does most of its magic with Jazz, Vocals, and small scale music the amp can also rock out due to the upper and mid bass. Again, if you have easy to drive sensitive speakers then this amp will sound good with any music you throw at it. Best with vocals for sure.

With the Fleetwood Deville’s

The Deville’s are 94 DB efficient and 8 ohms so an easy peasy drive for this amp. The sound of the Devilles in general lean a touch warm. They have a very easy treble energy and are in no way bright or forward. They are more relaxed up top than most horn speakers but they also do not have the “horn wonkiness” in the mids. None that I notice anyway while listening.

Beautiful music emerged from the Devilles but at first I was concerned as the sound was much too warm. I was missing that treble energy. The bass and mids were big, full and expansive but the treble was rolled off. Hmmm. I realized I had my Cardas Clear Reflection and RCA Cables in. I removed those and replaced them with some (less expensive) Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables and RCA cables.

WOW! What a difference. This brought the treble energy out and it was smooth but extended moreso than ever. Goes to show what cables can do to change the sound. The Cardas cables are warm and thick kind of cables and focus on the mids and mid bass. This was too much of a good thing with the combo of the 300B and Deville’s. Swapping to the Nordost really made them come alive and they brought a big wide soundstage that had transparency and air. I couldn’t believe a cable swap did that but it was truly night and day.

It shows that synergy is key. With an amp like the Hi-Fi Rose RA180 the Cardas are a Godsend, as they warm up that amps forward nature. So match the cables to the system, always! They DO make a difference if you have a well setup system and space. Some cables are made to sound warm and fat, others with a more detail focus. Some are made to sound more expansive and ethereal. I preferred the Blue Heaven as they are faster and focus less on the mid bass and are more even handed through the range.

This combo of Deville’s, the R300 and Nordost Blue Heaven cables was heavenly and did beat out the HiFi Rose $7k integrated when I compared them side by side. The Rose sounded lean in comparison (even with the Cardas), faster and more dynamic, but a different sound. The Willsenton sounded more flesh and blood, more real, more human and magical.

With the Klipsch Heresy IV

Now this is a great match as well. The Heresy IV has more treble bite than the Fleetwood’s so they have more energy up top with the R300. The sound is large, expansive and intimate but again, with the Cardas cable I was getting too much warmth in the mid and upper mid bass. Going to my fave $39 cables fixed that issue and they sounded more balanced. I believe because the R300 is so strong within the bass regions, the Cardas is just too much of a good thing with this amp.

There is some of the horn midrange honk going on when I compare them to the Deville’s but one thing is for sure, I have never heard the Heresy’s sound so full of life and Beauty.

Overall the R300 gives the H4’s a sweet expansive sound that when set up right offer up a slice of that three dimensional magic. The Deville’s are more refined and have more of an even top to bottom coherency for sure, but the Heresy’s seem right at home with the 300B tube.

If you want a big slice of magic with your Heresy IV’s, this amp works very well with them.

This amp makes the Heresy IV’s sound warm and humongous with that inner glow we can only get from a S.E.T. amp.

With the Klipsch LaScala AL5’s

The LaScala’s were my dream speaker for the longest time. I have had them now for about one year and have enjoyed them in two systems. The Fleetwood’s replaced them and in a recent side by side I validated my thoughts. To me the Deville’s are a better sounding speaker in general. More refined, more expansive and just as big sounding with more magic and better imaging with a wider stage. I just sold the AL5’s (deposit has been left) as I need the room and space, but not before I tested this amp with them.

The Al5’s were absolutely amazing with this amp and probably the best sound I have gotten from them. Just enough top end, just enough of the magic in the mids and it brought big bass to the LaScala, which I thought was impossible. I was rocking out one night to Sammy Hagar and wow they sound rather amazing with this amp. I then settled in for some smooth Jazz and was in audio Heaven.

Again, with Klipsch Heritage this amp weaves its magic with a big expansive soundstage and a warmth and glow about it. If you own Klipsch you will need to hear this amp!


I love this amp not for it’s pinpoint imaging, detail retrieval or fast as lightning incisiveness. It doesn’t focus on those things as some big money audiophile amps do.

Rather, I love this Willsenton R300 because it brings a richness and humanity to the music I play through it. Warmth, body, glow and a large soundstage with realistic haunting imaging that have depth. Yes, this sounds like a tube amp because it is! It takes me back to a time when was younger and reminded me why S.E.T. amps speak to me so profoundly. It is not one of these modern day tube amps trying to sound like Solid State.

For its price it is unheard of to find something like this, something this special. It’s hand wired, it’s hand made, it has a glossy paint finish, a beautiful silver metal faceplate, it is easy to bias, it uses the 300B tube which is known for its midrange reproduction of the human voice. It comes with a metal remote and even a painted tube cage, and the paint job is automotive quality. It is silent as a mouse and has no hum, buzzing or hiss.

If I want more to make it even better I could thrown in some better tubes. Western Electric 300B anyone? Yes, I have some on the way to test with it. NOS 6SN7? Yes Sir!

The tubes that it comes with are great to start with but one can indeed improve the sound of this amp with better tubes. With that said, after about 50 hours on the amp it opens up from cold out of the box. The included tubes are decent indeed. From the 6Sn7 to the 6SL7’s you can tailor the sound to your likes.

To top it all off this amp sounds human, big and has body. It has warmth and depth with a big bass presence. It offers up a different sound from those solid state amps that always seem to lack body and focus on the speed and treble. The R300 makes you want to settle into your chair, get cozy and melt in to the music.

For $1499 I can not think of a nicer integrated amplifier for those who own sensitive easy to drive speakers. If you own Klipsch this amp will make them sound beautiful. If you own other easy to drive speakers you owe it to yourself to hear this beautiful amplifier. It’s available on Amazon Prime which makes it easy to return if you do not like it or have an out of the gate issue.

Willsenton has service centers in the USA as well. The closest to me is in Wisconsin, or so I have been told. What is not to like? This is a bonafide hand made single ended triode amp for under $1500 and it’s a beauty. It has already become a fave of mine and will stay in for a long while.

Because of this amp, I have even went and purchased another 300B amp made by Dennis Had, whom I have admired for 25+ years. This amp came with new Western Electric 300B’s so Idid try these tubes out in the Willsenton. It improved the transparency by 10-15% but it was not a night and day change from the stock tubes. The bass was still HUGE and FAT with the R300 but there was a little more sparkle up top. The Inspire amp is burning in now but I can already say that this amp is $2500 more expensive, doesn’t have a remote but looks like a work of art. The sound….stay tuned.

Looks like I really am a S.E.T. guy at heart. Be careful though! S.E.T. tube amps can become addicting!

You can BUY THE AMP on Amazon HERE



  1. Hi, informative review, thank you. Just wanted to find out, what are those headphones in the second to last picture? Cheers

  2. Hi Steve!
    What a wonderful review – both written and video =)
    I own Wharfedale Linton loudspeakers which are rather sensitive, but their impedance is rated at 6 ohms. Do you recommend using this amplifier (and basically all other tube amps) with 6 ohms speakers, and if yes – what of the two outputs – 4 or 8 ohms – should be preferred?

    • I have not heard this amp with the Lintons. Being 90db I feel it would be just fine as long as you are not looking to rock the house. 300B amps are not known to be rockers : )

  3. Hi Steve
    I want to thank you for your review about this 300B device, because it was the trigger for me to buy one.
    I am addicted to tubes, I have enjoyed among other more or less successful amps the Antique sound lab -Explorer with 845 monoblock, the Japan amplifier -Airtight atm4 with 6550, the LM 210iA and some hybrid like the KORA Explorer 90sII. I have also been lucky to have a friend dedicated to the sale of high-end audio systems, which allowed me at the time long listening sessions of various and varied equipment.
    The 300B tube had never caught my attention, you know from the classic comments: Lack of power, no bass, coloration of the sound and so many other barbarities spilled on this tube. Absurd barbarities that I have just rejected by turning on the WILLSENTON R300.
    I wanted to buy the new LM 609iA, but with doubts about the 300B I preferred to jump on the Willsenton, more than anything to avoid ruining myself if I didn’t like the 300B sound.
    I tell you that I am totally surprised by what I am hearing, I find it hard to believe.
    What happens to people with this valve, is it that they have no hearing or is it that they need to crush their ears with loud bass and treble that pierce your brain. I don’t understand. Because so much scorn has been poured on a tube that sounds so natural and balanced.
    I think I’ve wasted a lot of time looking for the sound that interests me and I’ve finally found it, I say finally because at 72 I’ve already played enough.
    I also have to say that over time I have learned that no matter how much money you spend, if there is no synergy between the components, all the efforts are useless.
    Now my main equipment is made up of a Marantz HD DAC1, by the way also because of you, then some floorstandings of my beloved Castle Knight 5 brand -91db- and most of the cables of this equipment are from the ODIN brand.
    Many people are not clear about it, but curiously the cables really are very decisive when it comes to completing the sound that you like and in this case the synergy is magical.
    Well, I will not extend anything more, just thank you again for your intervention in my hours of enjoyment. By the way, I would tell those who really love tube rolling to give those who wear Willsenton an option. It’s worth waiting a bit before getting involved with new ones. But as always that is a matter of taste.

  4. Hi Steve, another amp/speaker pairing question for you. Do you think this amp would be enough to power MartinLogan Motion 60XTi in a medium room? The tower speaker is large, but it’s said to be easier to drive. However, its probably important to make sure it gets “enough”. What do you think? THanks for the review.

  5. Hi Steve
    I have been reading your comments for some time and I have always found them very interesting.
    I liked the Willsenton R300 review so much that I just bought one.
    I was interested in learning the 300B sound and didn’t want to invest too much. For me your article has been a revelation.
    I wanted to ask you a neophyte question. Does the sound from the headphone output come directly from the tubes?
    Thanks for your time

  6. I bought this in January 2023 and after a month it started randomly sending white noise to my left speaker. Now it’s totally crapped out altogether. Looks very nice in the dark though.

  7. Hi Steve, thanks for a great review of the Wilsenton R300. I live in the UK. I intend to buy this amp very soon but will need new speakers with sensitivity of at least 88dB I think. My room is small and I only play music at moderate volumes. I can only accommodate small stand mount speakers. So can you recommend any speakers above the $1,250 mark? Thanks for your advice. Yours sincerely,

  8. Dear Steve,

    ist is really a pleasure to read and watch your reviews.
    As I am a tube beginner, I like to start my journey single ended and try this Willsenton R300.
    I was also impressed by your review of the Line Magnetic 219ia.
    Could you please give a short statement, how you would compare your old love 😉 with this Willsenton?

    Greetings from Germany


    • The 219 is a much better amp. It’s also much different as its not a 300b amp and has ore current and power. The 219ia is a juicier sounding amp, more life in the treble as well. It’s very rich, holographic and the sound leans warm. It’s also a work of art, something to behold in person. Over 100lbs so it is a beast. It’s also 5X more expensive than the R300. The R300 is fantastic for the price but doesn’t reach the level of the 219ia. I would own a 219ia today if it were not for the tube maintenance and heat. Tubes for that amp are very costly and it runs as hot as an oven.

  9. im very new to hifi. do i need a separate phono preamp for a turntable (not for better sound quality but as necessity to play) with an intergraded amp (willsenton r300 here). i thought intergraded amp means you have a preamp built in already is that correct? bit confused here.

    • You will need a phono preamp. Your turntable goes into the phono pre, then out to the amp. Not many integrated amps have phono stages built in these days. Some do, usually the big dollar ones. Most phono stages built in are sub par compared to an external.

  10. have Willsenton r300 all tubes rolled western electric 300b’s,psvane cv181-t2 (6sn7), psvane 5u4g,jj psl7.i noticed the greatest sound improvement with the 5u4g’s but i am complete newbe to tube rollin, don’t know squat. runnin klipsch rp600m2’s. i think it sounds very good, but been thinkin of the heresy 4s, and after readin the things youall say, think i will order soon. with stock tubes my r300 had a slight sizzle from the amp, as i swapped tubes that went away completely silent now, and sweet a little smoother bass richer mids and real nice up top i’m pleased.

  11. Since you have reviewed the Buchardt S400 Mk II (that I have) – how will you say the R300 will pair with these? 88db and 4ohm… Thanks 🙂

    • I would not mate the R300 with the S400II. They will need more power to open up. This may do well in a small room, when listing at moderate volumes but you will run out of steam pretty quick.

      • Steve. Great review. I have a man cave/shop that’s 30×40. It has a 42” wall that petitions a 10×12 man cave area. Would the 300b driving 92db speakers reasonably fill up the 10×12 area? I mostly listen to jazz. Thanks for your help!

  12. Hi Steve, love this review thanks for putting the time in, and I’m super interested in this amp. I have a pair of B&W CM5’s which are lovely and smooth to start with, small room, play mainly vinyl think Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Agnes Obel, Nils Frahm…that kind of vibe. I’d imagine this amp would be lovely on this kind of music. Would love to hear your thoughts, especially the pairing with the speakers. Just checked and they are rated at (2.83V/1m) 88 dB sensitivity, which is below what you suggest for the amp however I typically don’t listen that loud as I have neighbours either side of me. Looking forward to seeing what you say. Cheers from the UK!

  13. I’m just about saved up for the r300. Looking to buy and a week or 2 based on many reviews but yours has pushed me over the edge. Regarding Willsentons service center it is indeed in Racine, WI. Only about an hr from me in chicgo. If anything goes wrong I can take the thing there myself!

  14. Steve. do you have any plans to listen/review the new LSA VT-70 amp? I am hoping to pick up a set of La Scala II and these 2 amps are on my short list. As my first tube gear, I really don’t know which I might like better. The sub out on the LSA intrigues me as some say they need a sub with the LS. I guess I won’t know until I’m able to listen.

    • I could only review that amp if they sent me one to review, and I have no relationship with them so the odds of that are slim. I will say another amp to look into is from Black Ice Audio. They make some nice integrated in that price range as well. Ships from the USA as well.

      • Understood. I think I’m going to try the Black Ice DAC. That won a shootout a while back and seems to be reasonable in price.

  15. Hello Steve and everyone.
    Did any of you wonderful people try headphone out on this amp or know if the power goes straight from the tubes? Thanks

  16. Nice review. Do you know if this amp uses any negative feedback? Did you try a separate preamp with it? I might have to try this with my Cube Nenuphar Mini’s while I wait on my decware 300b amp, which could take years!

    • You may be waiting 3 years for that Decware! But it will be worth it. As for negative feedback, I am not sure as that spec is not listed anywhere. I am not a fan of neg feedback. This amp is beefy sounding for a 300B!

  17. Hi Steve
    A while back I suggested you to review this wonderful Willsenton R300, and finally I am so glad you did.
    Having owned this amp for the past 6 months with lots of tube rollings I finally settled with the Gold Lion 300b power tubes since I find them very natural 3 dimensional and balanced sounding with this amp. The Gold Lion 300b are quite affordable too.
    For those who worry this amp may lack top end extension I would suggest to go with the Linlai Elite E6sl7. This tube is the single most significant upgrade for this particular amp IMHO. It will elevate this already great sounding amp to the next level.
    The downside is it is painfully lengthy to breaking in this tube, thinking north of 300 hrs.
    Be a little patience and you will be rewarded with music you never thought possible with money you invested in this SET amp.
    Happy listening!

    • Hey Luc, thanks for the Linlai elite E6SL7 and Gold Lion 300B recommendations. I have this amp on order from china-hifi-audio.com and am going to upgrade with the tubes you recommended here. Did you also swap out the 2 6SN7 tubes? If so, any recommendations there?

      • I’m also curious as to what other tubes did you find the best match for the R300. Did you change the 6SN7 and the 5U4G in the amp?

        • I left the R300 as stock. When I tried Western Electric 300B’s the sound did not change much. The best change will come from the 6SN7’s above all else.

      • Hello Jason.
        Just for your information, I changed the original 6SN7’s for PSVANE Black Treasure CV181-Z’s. The musical result is natural, beautiful! Probably less bright and demonstrative than the Psvane CV181-T-MII/2 but more natural. I think that the amateurs of rock and modern music will prefer the TII/2, but the amateurs of natural, in love with the pure and right voices will have like me a preference for the Black Treasure. To each one to make its choice according to its tastes and its audio system. I also ordered Linlai Elite E6sl7.

        A big thank you to Paul for sharing this LINLAI tube that I do not know and also to Steve for allowing me to discover this extraordinary Willsenton amplifier, which makes me discover, like a musical paradise made of delicacy and softness. Friendship of France.

        Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  18. How about a comparison between the R300 and the R8? I’d love to see how they compare and contrast, since they’re roughly at the same price point.

    • Thats easy. The R300 has a much different sound. More “juicy”, more 3D. That SET sound. The R8 has a differently sound altogether, and more power. The RR300 is perfect for Klipsch. My Heresy IV’s never sounded better than they do with this amp. I suspect these would do well with any of the Heritage speakers. This amp is a little thick in the mid and mid bass but that adds kick ; )

      • Thanks so much for your reviews, I am trying to decide between the r300 and the r8. My speakers are ESS performance series 5A (93 bd) and ESS AMT 4 that I dont know the efficiency. I listen in a small room, any thoughts would be appreciated.


        • R300 is warmer, meatier and fuller. R8 is more detailed and punchy. I prefer the R300 but some prefer the R8. The R300 will run out of steam if your speakers are a tough load to drive but in a small room I have not had issues.

  19. Might be a good match for the Forte IV’s. $1500 leaves plenty of room to upgrade tubes. I listen to mostly rock, indie and some electronic. Feel like I can’t lose trying this one out.

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