The Bluesound Node GEN 3 Review. Stream Away!

The Bluesound Node GEN 3 Review. Stream Away!

By Steve Huff

The Bluesound Node Generation 3 is a fantastic improvement on the prior generation, the Node 2i. The Node is the easiest and quickest way to get set up with streaming and will get you streaming from your phone or tablet within 5 minutes. The Node 3 can be used as a streamer or as a streamer AND DAC. The Node Get 3 has a USB, Optical and COAX out as well as a SUBWOOFER OUT. There are analog outputs as well if you want to use the high res DAC inside of the Node. Either way, this is my most recommended streamer and yes, I have compared it to higher dollar streamers (up to $3k). With those more pricey options you may gain 3-5% in sound but you may just lose some of the usability and rock solid stability. See my video below on the Node Gen 3 which is the best affordable high resolution music streamer you can buy.

You can buy the Node Get 3 at Amazon HERE



  1. hey Steve!

    Which one You’d keep? Lumin D2 with Sbooster or Node 3? I’m testing both and honestly cannot find Lumin 2500€ better, or maybe I’m deaf!

    Thanks so much!

    Greetings from South Spain.

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