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In 2008 I started this site as a hobby, something I never thought many people would ever see. As time went on and more and more readers came I had the dream of turning this website into not only a place for me to post my reviews, but I had the grand Idea that I wanted it to be a world-wide resource for ANYONE who is passionate about photography to share their experiences and results. Their accomplishments and yes…even failures. A place where we can ALL learn from in this exciting world of photography. A place that was friendly with a great community of like-minded individuals. After almost 5 years, that dream became a reality! Today after 7 years it is going strong!

This site has become a huge resource to the photographic community and not only due to my own reviews and articles but also because of the articles that the readers of this site have submitted for the world to see! It has become what I have always hoped for, a passionate and inspired community of photographers who love to read about their passion but also write about it and share their experiences with camera gear, lenses, film, or whatever it is that they shoot. There are so many user reports on this website, even more than what is listed over at the USER REPORT page and it grows every week.

Why is this so important? Well, it is creating a library of information, experiences and gorgeous photos that are all hosted here for anyone to see, at anytime, for FREE. If someone wants to read about a Sony camera there are plenty of posts about them. Same with Olympus, Same with Pentax, same with Nikon and Leica. Many are my own writings and many are YOURS and this helps not only you and me but the entire world as anyone can benefit from these real world experiences! The best part is that it grows larger all of the time, and this is quite special.

FACT: This website was the very 1st “Real World” camera and lens review site on-line!

Do you have a something you want to share with the readers of the site that can be educational for everyone? Maybe a camera review, a lens review an overview of gear or even a photo trip you have recently taken using your favorite camera? It does not have to be a new item and can even be a 60-year-old film camera you choose to write about. As long as it is YOUR experience and you want to share it. The cool thing is that your photos, your name and your article will be seen by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people because that article will remain here on this site forever (as long as this site is live).

What will you get out of it?

***I do not offer money*** but instead I offer you the chance to promote your own website, blog or flickr, facebook, etc. In any user report that you submit to me I will add a link back to your website or portfolio (if you have one) and it will be visible and seen by tens of thousands of readers, if not hundreds of thousands over a period of time.

Many of the readers who have submitted have become quite well-known in the photography world just from my site here! You will also get the joy of seeing your own work and writings published on one of the hottest photo sites online today as well as one of the most friendliest.

It will be online as a resource for the lifetime of this website, which I hope is a long long time. It is a community effort that one day will be recognized as THE PLACE to go to read about photography, passion and gear reports from all over the world!! So the bottom line is you get exposure for your blog, your flickr or website, sometimes MASSIVE exposure. I will also post your article to my twitter, Facebook, pinterest and Google + for even more exposure.

I have had some offer to PAY ME to publish an article, in fact, this happens on a weekly basis. I turn them down because they are just someone wanting  to promote a product by writing a nonsense article. So if you want to submit something all I ask is that you do indeed love photography!

So if you want to send in your own USER REPORT, just follow the instructions below!


1. Have your idea ready to go and make sure you agree to the “What will you get out of it” section above.

2. Email me HERE with your idea

3. When I get back to you with the OK, write it up and send it in to me!

4. Make sure you send the text in one email, and images in a 2nd email

5. Images should be no larger than 1500 pixels wide and must be sent as JPEGS

6. Once submitted it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to appear and will remain for the life of this blog! It can NOT and will not  be removed once posted (due to many reasons) so be sure you are OK with this!

I will put together your article, edit anything that may be needed but I will not alter or touch your photos unless it is to make a title image/graphic. When posted your name will be in the headline title and any links you submit to me will be in the article. That’s it! Easy as can be!

By submitting your own report it can help anyone who is interested in reading this information and your post will be ranked high in Google as well due to this sites high popularity. You now have a voice in the photo world right here at STEVEHUFFPHOTO.COM! So get inspired, get motivated and share your passion right here, right now!


    • Well, audio is all about the personal experience. What one likes another may not. Sound is very subjective, and I prefer the 40 to the 2. It’s not about what is better but what one prefers. Many seem to think the more you spend the better it gets in audio, and that is not always true. I am listening now to a set of $3500 speakers on a $3500 all in one amp/dac combo and this sounds better to me than setups I have had here that cost $20k+. I just write about what I feel, not what manufacturers want me to write.

  1. I seem to recall, that you, Steve, time ago wrote that you would be coming forward with a more deep going review/test of the Leica Q2, than yhe one you brought some time ago – however, maybe I’m wrong…

  2. Hi Steve,

    The email link is broken. I’d like to contact you directly. Is it possible to send you a product for your review or consideration? How does that process work?



  3. Hello Steve,

    where can I submit photos for a daily inspiration?
    PS: keep up the good work, love your website.

  4. Sent you a review idea some weeks back, but no response from you so far. Do you always respond to this messages and if yes, what will be your expected responding time? … or maybe not interested in my review idea?


    • I have been traveling for the last two weeks, so my response rate has been slow ; ) I will finally be back home this evening, and will be back to normal. Thank you.

  5. Steve, just to let you know, the ’email me here’ link appears to be broken on this page, it goes to a void link. Is that just me? Thank you! I have some post ideas I’d like to send and a daily inspiration. Kind Regards, James 🙂

  6. Thanks for Pen F review love it wish to add have 2 4/3 bodies 3 lenses which still work well after 8/9 years hope to add the Pen F

  7. Hi,Steve,

    My name is Meng,and I ´m retaired.I travel a lot and I am not good in taking photos,as people said use a monkey camera,so I did and is not good.

    Would like your advise about cameras? Have check 2 camera Panasonic TZ100 or Leica X2
    or maybe others like Sony,Nikon,Canon,Fuji or others,I would like pocket type not like pro type.
    Please guide or advise me which type should I buy.
    Best Regards

  8. Hi Steve! I would like to submit my user report on Sony A7R2.I have owned it since August 5th and it’s WOW!

  9. I’ve owned the original 7-14mm 4/3rds Zukio since 2005, and used this on both bodies via the MMF-3 adaptor. Over a month ago I bought the new f2.8 version for the m4/3rds bodies, so have drafted up a report with images, on this. Would you be interested?

  10. Hi Steve,

    I want to purchase an Olympus om-d e-m10 with an lens, what affordable lens would you recommend for daily use?


  11. Sony A 6000, after a month I find that the internal workings are great but the ergonomics are toy like. Plus the battery gets quickly depleted if you have to leave it on for 2 hrs. or more as on an outdoor wildlife shoot and you have the LED on. It is too easy to hit the back face control buttons when the action starts with your bare thumb never mind, if you have gloves on….Love the 11 fps, main reason for buying sports action. Have put stick on vase felt small dots for furniture along side the menu buttons on the back to keep my thumb raised up from the controls. So far that seems to work. Make sure you carry spare battery. Like the 18/105 F4 lens. I thought the shutter would be a lot quieter, even at 11 fps. Sony must have two divisions, Toy and Pro. I hope they decide what they want to be.

    • You get what you pay for. The A6000 is superb for the money, in every way. I own one as well. You can not get rock solid pro build and ergo for $600. That is still a lot of money but when other cameras cost $1500, $2000, $2800, the one for $600 will not be as rock solid as the one that costs $2800.

  12. Hi Steve,

    I would like to thank You 🙂 For your reviews, your website..

    I’m a professional photographer, I’m shooting tons of girls and women, almost naked..for her boyfriends, for work, for men’s magazines like playboy..and I feel tired from all this pictures i made and all this women.

    Your website help to find new direction, new way.. light on the end of tunnel 😉

    I became the leica enthusiast, leica fan..and I return to my roots when I made pictures of industrial, pics of old factories all over ex-communist czech republic nad i became happy 🙂

    So – thank you! :-))

  13. Steve, hi —

    Now when I finally settled with my new choice of 2d and lighter camera, let me tell you a BIG TAHNKS for all your reviews which inspired me for the choice, and… even made me more devoted, addicted and committed to photography as my way of life. I am not a professional and don’t make money on it, but very similar to you – considering myself to be an enthusiast, and looking for every option to picture those moments that make the photography our memories – be them good or bad.

    You do a great job and you do it great! Period.

    Just picked yesterday 1:2.8 12-40mm for my brand new OM-D E-M1 and compared with 3.5-56. from the original kit THAT IS the difference. Yet not the full frame… but damn good in JPEG and less bulky as a full frame with lens pack on my back.

    Not sure you are aware that there is a site in Russian that picks some of your reviews, translates it in Russian and posts at

    I’ve added the link to my FB set of albums if you are interested to have a look. Should [the crazy] idea comes to you to visit Moscow (the one that in Russia) – ping me, can help with arrangements and would be happy to host you for a tour.

      • it is, indeed! just made the first roll. will have a pix look in the night. But what I see in JPEG now is outstanding performance. Need to try it on the portraits to complement my impression. And I liked the focus system. But (nothing happens with a BUT:-) needs some practicing for quick manual focus and totally impossible to be used if the hood is attached backside.

  14. Hi Sir,

    i have one confutation ,i want to buy digital camera i am not photographer just want to buy for home use only , i am confused in two models one is Nikon COOLPIX l830 and other one is Sony DSC H300, tell me sir which is the best…..

  15. I have a sony a7. I purchased the sony la-ea4 adapter and the Sigma A-mount 12-24 FF lense to use on the A7. Mistake. The lens with the adapter is useless under 20MM. All you get is a tunnel effect, like looking thru a cardboard tube. The lens is going back and I am extremely disappointed.

    • Ignore what I said above. After speaking with Sigma everything is fine now. There is a tube extension that is used to hold the lens cap on this lens. It has to be removed before using the lens. I am very relieved and feel a bit stupid. Now I will see how good this lens is.

    • So how does it feel? In terms of image quality and compatibility(AF, aperture control etc). I’m thinking of having one for my A7RII, but it remains to be seen which mount to buy. Someone says Canon mount with Metabones adaptor fails AF, but works fine with the aperture. If having Sony A mount, will LA-EA3 work including the AF feature? Just don’t like the big EA4…

  16. I do not use outlook as I use multiple computers to access the internet. Is there an email address I can send my idea?

  17. I’m not a professional I own the Sony A7R.
    And Leica M240.
    The Sony is a good camera, the LeicaM240
    is a great camera..

  18. Hi Steve,

    Love the constant blogs informing all of us about all the latest and best goodies! I sent you a Fuji X-series review from use in Borneo, just wanted to check if you received it/liked it?

    Kind regards,


  19. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for your comments. I took another look and figured out how to use the focus magnification, though I still don’t see how to open .ARW files in Photoshop or Lightroom. I’ll be taking the A7R to Wales for a week in the second week of December. Before I go, I want to be sure it is in perfect working order (meaning, I know how to use it.) I will let you know how it goes, and thanks again for the help.

    Best regards,


  20. This may be the wrong place to post this, but here goes:

    I just bought a summilux 35mm to go with my brand new pre-ordered Ar7. Yesterday, I finally had all the little pieces I needed to start taking photos: memory cards, 2 charged batteries, battery charger (external) Novoflex adapter ring (M to E), the Summilux, and the A7R. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until fairly late that the batteries were ready, so my first shots were taken indoors in very poor light. Regardless,

    I was eager to see the results. I should point out that I am not a newbie when it comes to making images, because I have been a professional artist since my first illustrations appeared in the New York Times in 1986, but I am relatively new to making photos as finished works of art. This means that I can still be a bit of a klutz with a camera and have a habit of doing everything wrong as I get used to a device. The A7R is no exception.

    Unlike my D800, which I use with my Zeiss 15mm and 100mm MP or a couple of good 1.4G lenses, I simply cannot tell whether I’ve got anything in focus on the A7R. With the Nikon, I can just use the focus zoom in live view and can very easily see if my subject is in focus. With the 1.4G lenses, they are AF, so I just look for the little red focus boxes in the viewfinder and know right away what is and what isn’t in focus. If I am shooting on the street where there is a lot of movement, I still don’t have much trouble with my manual focus lenses. I just put my eye to the viewfinder and pull focus until it looks right. Usually, I get it one out of every three or four tries, which is good enough for most situations.

    I am 48 though and my eyes aren’t what they used to be. When I got the A7R I was really looking forward to using this focus peaking I’d heard about so that I could “nail every shot.” In practice, I found it more difficult than expected. The first problem, and one that I consider to be extremely serious, is that I cannot use focus magnification with my Leica lens. It seems that when an adapter ring is used, the A7R interprets that as “no lens mounted” and so it won’t magnify what you can see in the EVF, even though it can display that at 100%. Why can’t it magnify this when it can display it? I don’t understand this. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong. I hope so, because I would be very disappointed to not be able to use live view or the viewfinder with focus zoom.

    An odd thing about this is that I find that the Niko viewfinder is easier to focus with than the EVF on the Sony for some reason. I don’t know why, but I can make out sharp details more easily on the D800, even though it doesn’t offer VF focus zoom. The live view display on the A7R is not as nice as the live view on the D800 in my opinion because I can magnify the image on the D800 but can’t on the A7R.

    Focus peaking is what I find myself relying on for focus with the A7R, but I do not have any idea what is going on when I use it. What I mean by this is that I can’t see my “picture” very clearly because the focus peaking edges get in the way. They tell me what is in focus, but I lose the look of the image. Also, and this is more of an issue, it goes for contrast edges. If there isn’t much contrast in a scene, or you want to focus on a roundish object, focus peaking will not find the part of it that is closest to the camera. Again, maybe I’m using this totally wrong, but at the moment, I prefer the little red boxes hovering over in-focus areas with the Nikkor AF lenses.

    Another issue that is bothering me is the AWR format. I hate the fact that I cannot open these files in Photoshop or Lightroom without first going through Sony’s amateurish-looking image editing software. Never mind the look of the software or its limited functionality, I don’t like the fact that it is another step in the image editing process. I also don’t like that I had to figure out how to find their software rather than having a notice included with the camera. “Warning, your AWR files will be useless unless you download our free image editing software at the following URL:”

    Having said all this, I do like to shoot this camera. It weighs almost nothing in comparison to my D800 with any of the lenses I own which makes a big difference when going outside for an all day shoot. On a recent trip to London, I took my D800 and the lightest I had at the time, the Nikkor 35mm 1.4G, but my back was killing me by the time I got home at the end of the day. That won’t happen with the A7R, so it has become my default travel camera, but I would like to work out the focus issues because part of what I like about taking photos is manually focusing them. It may sound stupid, but manual focus makes me feel like I am painting again.


    • Of course you can use magnification with the Leica lens. Just set up one of the buttons to do so. Works fine. I also suggest to NOT use peaking. When I shot these with Leica glass I tried peaking, liked it..but turned it off and had a 98% hit rate with focusing. I also did NOT use magnification as it slows everything down. But just eyeball it without peaking. Also, get out of the house and test it. I have been editing raw files all day with Photoshop and ACR as well as Lightroom. You can download the update to do so. Easy squeezy.

      With that said, I have not tested the 35 1.4 Leica on this camera, just a couple of Zeiss and Voigtlanders, which did great. But take it out, turn off peaking, and just “feel it” – as in..focus and when you see it in got it! Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  21. Hi Steve, love your site

    Now that Full Frame Mirrorless is here and all the companies seem to be pretending to pay attention, what will become of M 4/3rds?

    And who will be the first manufacturer to pull the AA filter from their sensor and offer perhaps a GX7A?

    Sensor development in M4/3rds seems very slow, you’d think pulling the AA filter would at least be a nice attention getter in that world.


    • Micro 4/3 is kicking some serious booty. The E-M1 does NOT have an AA filter already, and it is amazing. Still my pick for Cam of the Year 2013 as of right now. I just picked up two now lenses for my E-M1, and happy I did. The sensor in the E-M1 is fantastic.

  22. Hi Steve,

    I really appreciate your Youtube camera presentations. All are educational.

    I saw your YouTube presetation on Leica M 240 Digital camera with 3 types 50 mm Leica Lenses , Summicron ASPH APO, Noctilux and Summilux.

    I need your professional opinion about the New Leica M 240 Digital. Right now I have an old Leica M6 ( Film) and have two old *Leica lenses 35 mm Summicron M 1:2 / 35 ASPH and 90 mm APO Summicron M 1:2 / 90 ASPH.

    If I buy the *New Leica M 240, could I use my two old Leica lenses 35mm and 90 mm with it ?
    Or do I need an adopter for my old Leica M6 ? OR I have to buy a new Leica lenses good for the Leica M camera ?

    Thank you as always.

    Bernie (Ret.)

  23. Hi Steve,

    once a year it is “open garden day” in the small village on the coast of Normandy (France) where we live. We usually have some artists exhibiting their works, mostly sculptures, in the garden, and I offer to make portraists of some of the visitors in my small workshop, a former pig stall. These shooting last about 2 minutes each and the set up is fairly simple: a white or a black cloth as background, my LED worktable lamp, an Ikea dining table LED lamp and a small battery powered LED lamp for lighting – but not all of them at the same time.

    Would you like to show some of the portraits?

    Please note that the link below is to some other portraits I havemade.


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