Review Schedule, and some Noctilux love…

Ok guys, I am in a hotel room right now editing photos. The family is asleep and I am checking out photos from the X1, E-P2 and M9. I seriously can not wait to write my review the E-P2 and X1. Both have their pros and cons of course and I will go over all of them in the reviews. I also have a Nikon D300s and Canon 7D sitting at home waiting for me! LOTS of cameras to check out and shoot! Here is an updated list of upcoming reviews:

Olympus E-P2 is next up for review though it is basically the same camera as the E-P1 with a few additions. This is a very FUN and stress free camera. Much like the Apple Imac 27″ that my wife surprised me with for X-mas, it just works 🙂

Canon 7D – I have been curious about this camera for a few weeks. Can’t wait to shoot it and give the video  a spin. I will be testing it out it for the next 2-3 weeks, and the review will follow!

Leica X1 – I really want to get to know this camera well before the review so I will be shooting it continually for the next 2-3 weeks. I may post a pic or two before the review, so check back for some teasers 🙂

Nikon D300s – I loved the old D300 so I want to see what the D300 brings to the table.

NIkon D3s – Yep! I will be reviewing this MONSTER low light machine. I expect this to be a real gem, but the downfall for me will be the size. Still, I know its capabilities will be amazing with that crazy high ISO of 102,400. Thats almost 100,000 higher than my Leica M9. Wow.

So these will be the camera reviews coming soon. Also, the Zeiss 28 F2.8 lens review is also on the horizon and possibly the Leica 24 3.8 Elmar lens. Lot’s of work ahead of me but also lots of fun!! I will also be writing my opinions on the quad core 27″ Apple Imac and why I think it is the ultimate photographers computer.

Even with all of this cool gear (and even more on the way) I still love shooting my M9 and Noctilux combo, especially at night. The combo has proven itself to me and I am now so used to the Noct that I have been shooting it for everything! From F1 to F8, the Noct has been doing great. Here are a few images shot over the past 24 hours with this combo, all at F1:





  1. Hey Vince, sadly I do not have any killer Nikon lenses here so I was sent a few “kits”. The D300/18-200 and 7D with the so so 28-135. But, these will be reviews based on the kits.

    I am hoping to get a 20 1.7 to shoot with the E-P2 though.

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