Moved the site to a new faster dedicated server…

UPDATE 01/11/10 – The new dedicated server is running smooth as silk and the service from liquidweb is awesome. Highly recommend these guys if you are looking for a superb web host with a VPS or dedicated server!

UPDATE 01/06/10 8:30am – OK, E-mail is back, server is speedy even with the high traffic load right now and all is well. Now, just have to find a way to afford the new hosting  bill! Arggg!

UPDATE 01/06/10 12:15AM – On the new server so the site should be fast and be crash proof 🙂 My email is not working right just yet so if you send an email or pic of the day submission I may not get it. It should be working soon. Thx…

01/05/10 – This morning at 7:20 AM my site crashed due to the huge flow of traffic coming in to my Leica X1 review posted at 7:08 AM. As the day went on I realized I needed a more powerful server to handle the high traffic loads. After 4 hours of down and up status my host started the site migration to the new server but my site went down for a while for some unexplained reason. It is back up now so I decided to get this post in just in case there are issues overnight and i can not update. If the site goes down, it will be back up shortly. When I am on the new server there will be no slowdown issues as the new server is a speed demon.

Thank you all for visiting my site! The Daily Inspiration will resume as soon as I am on the new server! Also, some new lenses arrive tomorrow. Ill hopefully have info and pics!


  1. Steve,
    Your web site provides important information to photographers that they can’t easily get elsewhere. Photo magazines are OK, but for the most part contain too much information that is unimportant to photographers. I have just been offered a renewal subscription by one of these magazines. The subscription fee was a lot more than I expected. There are sites that offer an annual subscription for access to their web sites. I am currently subscribed to one of them and reference it frequently. The volume of new information contained there is not even half of what you are providing on your web site. My suggestion is that you offer an annual subscription fee. Start by allowing everyone to get to your site, but restrict reviews, etc. to annual subscribers only. I think you will do well. Subscription fees via PayPal only.

  2. Hello Mr Steven
    I am writing from Freeeeezing Paris 🙂
    I just wanted to tell you that your are really usefull to me
    I have been with Nikon for 28 years now ! and I cannot go on anymore with the enormous weight ( D700 +24-70+70-300 ! ) so I decided to sell everything Body Lenses accesories etc …
    And I Ordered a M9 and you really help me to take this decision, not an easy decision
    Difficult to change from Autofocus and go back 28 years with Manual and Telemeter
    I understood that the best for you is M9 + Cron 35
    But I am frustrated because like in the US we have more than 3 month of waiting list Grrrrrrrrrrrrr !
    My brother lives in NY ( He owns 4 restaurant Downtown named La Petite Abeille and the private bar Raines Law also in Downtown maybe you know them ) and next time I come to NY to visit him and it will be a pleasure for me to invite you to have a nice Photographer’s drink !
    And keep on Your website is really GREAT

    Nino from Paris France

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