Upcoming Reviews…Leica S2, Pentax K7, Canon G11, Samsung TL320

This week I took delivery of a few cameras that I have been wanting to try out. First up, the Leica S2 AND 70MM Summarit 2.5. Wow, what a beast. Smaller than the Nikon D3s but just as solid, if not more solid feeling in the hand. I will be shooting the S2 for the next week, every day so I will be a busy shooter! After the S2 I will get to work on the Canon G11 and Pentax K7 and finally the little Samsung TL320 which looks to be a screaming deal if the IQ is good. I like the design of it with its analog dials and OLED screen. This camera sells for something like $240 and it does HD movie, 12 MP, 24-120 lens and it’s pocketable. I’ll report more on it soon. B&H has them in stock now but I have yet to even open the box so I can not say how the IQ is.

I will also try to post some stuff from the S2 this weekend!

With all of the S2 excitement I almost forgot…my Zeiss 35 Biogon, 85 Sonnar and the 50 Summitar reviews are also coming VERY soon!


  1. Steve, I can’t wait for your reviews. Count me in as one who would love to see S2 vs EP-2. Honestly, I would like to see S2 vs G11. If there is adequate light, I wonder what the difference will be at a reasonable size. Sometimes I wonder if we are getting to the point where there is so little difference in well lit shooting conditions.

    Anyway, I love your site and can’t wait for you reviews.

    Thank you in advance

  2. @ Eddie: theoretically, but I doubt this is a relevant question for this segment. So it wouldn’t make economical sense to produce and attempt to sell such an adapter. You can buy a technologically superior H4D-40 for less money than the S2 and use Hasselblad lenses “out of the box”. Plus have an expandable system while the S sytem is absolutely tied to its 45×30 sensor…

    I really can’t wait to read Steve’s review. I have a S2 shooting lined up when I am in NY in late-March. This is the first time Leitz/Leica produces lenses with a quality close to Rodenstock, Schneider etc. I hear the built-quality is pretty close to what you find on PVs, Zeiss Master, or Cooke S4 lenses. Leica tries to play with the big boys now. I hope it works out.

  3. But Anil…I will get ridiculed. I will get scolded. I will get laughed at. This means…LETS DO IT! Yep, I planned on another crazy comparison. Probably put one up tomorrow, before the review. 🙂

  4. Hey Steve- how about the S-2 compared with the m9 and the ep-2 – just for the heck of it. A crazy comparison – so that we plebs know why the S2 commands the 22k. You done the m9 v/s the ep-2 in the past- this one calls for an S2 v/s the ep-2

    What do you say? 😉

  5. I know this will be a long shot question but I’ll ask anyway. I hope you guys out there will have the answer soon on or later and post the answer here. Will there be an Hasselbal lenses adapter for the S2? There are tons of Hasselblad lenses out there on the cheap.

  6. Steve, i want to thank you in advance for the tests. It will be a test marathon, it think. I’m looking forward to it. It will be very interesting what you have to say. 🙂

  7. Thanks guys, yea, I am actually excited to test all of these cameras. The Pentax has intrigued me for a while now. I will have comparisons with the M9 in my S2 review, just for fun and to see how much better the S2 files actually are.


  8. All I’ve read about the S2 says that it’s epic.. all the IQ that you’d want from a Hasselblad but with the usability of regular dslr.. Can’t wait to read what you have to say of it, if you have the time, please also do some of your comparison shots with the M9 🙂

  9. The geek in me wants to read the S2 review but the practical shooter in me really would love a K7 review, that camera seems incredibly competitive in its price range and a good comparison of its IQ would be awesome.

  10. Thanks. The only Nikon SLR I have here is a D3000, so it will not be much of a comparison. The S2 is smaller than a D3 with an amazingly solid feel. I guess it should be solid for $22k. Ouch.

  11. I was wondering for a while if you will get the S2 or not
    Good that you did, cant wait for your review…
    Will you compare the size of it with your nikon SLR?

  12. Hi Steve
    wandering what your impression with G11 will be.
    I use it since few months and…….
    Waiting for your review !!!

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