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A reader of this website started her own Leica blog after buying an M8.2! I am telling you, these Leicas are inspiring! You can check it out HERE! She was originally waiting for the M9, then decided on a D700, then decided on an M8.2 to try out to make sure that a rangefinder was right for her. Smart move Elaine, and great start to your new blog!

How about another blog that was started due to love for the M9? Bob Morocco started and it showcases his favorite shots from his M9 and 35 Summilux ASPH. After seeing his blog I caved and have a 35 Lux ASPH on the way to try out again on my M9 since it is now spot on and perfect. Thanks Bob for ย the link and great pics!

SO cool! NYC in miniature. Also, how about turning your Bokeh in to letters?

Leica just released some “HOW TO” videos for the S2.

Some new Samsung NX10 videos! This camera looks pretty interesting, especially for the price. BUT the video does seem to suffer a bit from the shakes.

C’mon guys, lets get some M9 images uploaded HERE! As soon as it hits 10 pages I will be promoting that page, so upload those M9 images!

ALSO, I am once again updating my M9 Daily Diary and just uploaded a pic from the 90 Elmarit converted in Aperture 3. I love Aperture 3 and am seeing the quality of my images improve over ACR and LR. Plus, with the new M9 update to A3, the output is better than it was prior.

HOT ITEMS IN STOCK…(Leica X1, Leica S2 Platinum)

LEICA X1 – UPDATE – The Leica X1 was in stock but sold out within minutes…

PLATINUM LEICA IN STOCK! THE PLATINUM PACKAGE S2 IS IN STOCK at B&H Photo!!! Yes, its $28,000 but it is the PLATINUM package with Sapphire glass screen and PLATINUM service with a body replacement within 24 hours if yours breaks down. I bet this will be gone by Saturday night. If you have $28k to spare on a PLATINUM credit card then hop on over and snag it up.

Tthe 21 Summilux and 24 Summilux lenses. Aloa, another used M8!

M9 IN STOCK!ย Leica M9 Steel Grey, only $9,999! IN STOCK! Yep, Willoughbys is continuing their tradition of selling marked up M9’s whenever they get one in stock. Selling through Amazon and they always seem to sell them whenever they get them. $10k…thats getting a bit crazy!

MICRO 4/3! Panny 7-14 and 45 Macro, back in stock! Not sure how long they have been back but just got an email from B&H telling me these two lenses are back in stock. These are two great lenses for M4/3 shooters. The Panasonic 7-14 gives you a 14-28 equivalent on your GF1, E-P1, E-P2 or any m4/3 camera. The quality is superb and it is a lens I would like to own for our E-P2. Anyway, it’s in stock NOW! Click HERE for the 7-14 and HERE for the 45!


  1. OMG!!How long do I have to wait? I ordered my M9 in December. I keep looking for a mint m8.2 but no luck with that either. I have to make due with looking at the beautiful pictures everyone else is taking.

  2. OMG! I was reading this and the first person sounded so similar to me. LOL! It was me! Steve, you were mentioning me and I didn’t even know it. LOL! How funny is that? Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. It’s nothing like yours, just my stumbling around first experiences with a Leica M8.2. (I still want the D700, by the way.) I really love the M8.2, even with its little quirks. That’s why I Started the blog; to give an honest view on my experience with the rangefinder camera. The files are plenty big for me, somewhat similar in size to my Nikon D80 files. I do notice a difference in the files depending on what I shoot. The Leica files seem crisper to me. I can’t imagine what the M9 files look like in comparison. How exciting that Bob Morroco started a blog on his M9. This is fun, guys! Let’s all start Leica Blogs!

    Yeah, Steve. Your blog surely started my Leica lusting again, which is why I bought the Leica Digital M8.2 due to your review and our emails. (I appreciate your emails, by the way. Between you Dave at Dale Photo and Ken Hansen, I learned a lot about Leica!) I’m so honored that you mentioned me. I’ve only just started this blog a few weeks ago. I hope I can make it an enjoyable read for everyone here.

    Again, thanks for the mention. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You’re killing me man!
    I would LOVE to submit M9 pictures! I’m one of the 10,000 people waiting (not so patiently) to receive theirs. I think it’s great that Leica is offering a medium format digital SLR however, I know for a fact they will sell 1 S2 for every 1000 M9’s. I would think that in this lousy economy they would be working double shifts to try and fulfill these orders. I personally know of two people who have given up on purchasing one and instead bought a 4/3 camera. One of them bought a GF1 and the other bought an EP2. They are both trying to get me to join their 4/3 cult but I won’t listen. I don’t know how much longer I can fight off their advances. Someone get me an M9!


  4. Thanks Ashwin. Yes, but I think the problem I had was more M9 related. After my RF was adjusted it really became so much better so I am excited to give the 35 Lux (which was my favorite lens on the M8) another try on my now super accurate M9 ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey Steve,
    Nice to see that the 35 lux will be back in your hands soon. It IS the best 35, possible the best Leica lens period….I continue to be thrilled with mine on the M9, and will never give it up, so I hope yours speaks well with your M9 so that you can keep it around. It had seemed to have fallen out of favor for you once you got the M9…

  6. It’s kind of funny. Leica is way behind with the M9 production. Yet somehow they have the time for those silly, overpriced special edition cameras. Guess, those collectors are in a hurry to get them into their safes. I completely understand that this is more important than supporting customers, amateurs and pros, who actually use their cameras.

  7. Leica needs to start ramping up their production of M9’s, otherwise we will continue to see middlemen taking advantage of the M9 shortage. I would rather purchase an M9 through a reputable dealer such as B&H. It’s well worth the wait.

    Great site Steve love your work

  8. Got to love Willoughby’s…six months ago they showed a 50mm Summilux in stock. Ordered it through Amazon, got charged immediately, took them a week to tell me they didn’t actually have it and then took another two weeks and six emails for me to get a refund.

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