A Filmstrip…”Playing With Fire” – Pentax K7

Was out today exploring with the Pentax K7. Yep, I left the M9 at home today because it needed a break 🙂 I stumbled upon an old house that looks like it had a recent MAJOR fire. All I had was the kit zoom, but it did OK. With the K7’s Image Stabilization it was not really a problem, even in the darker rooms. I should have the Pentax 31 1.8 and 77 1.8 lenses next week to test on the camera so expect my full review VERY soon. I have been using this little Pentax quite a bit and find it to be a pretty damn good DSLR and it comes in at under $1000!

Anyway, I was with my Mother today and we walked in the house to investigate, being extra careful not to touch or move anything. I wanted a pic of the front of this house but the sun was directly behind and above it so it did not work out too well. But inside the house the first thing we saw was this book with a cover that did NOT get destroyed…


  1. Dear Steve:

    Me and my brother are both disabled Veterans from the US Coast Guard, and I was looking for an upgrade to my K10d fleet, and found your K7 review just plain wonderful! I am going to ask you if you have ever talked to KEH camera for indorsements or what ever you are getting from B&H and Adorama. You see I found my K7 for $699.00 EX+ at KEH, and so it goes. My first SLR was the HEILAND Pentax, and I had to cock the Auto Aperture before taking the picture. My best light meter back then was my IKOPHOT-T, which I found one a couple years ago for $50.00 at a place in L.A. called the “Kamera Korner”. Now I have a plethora of equipment, and like the thrill of the hunt, for that elusive shot. Thanks for the review! I found out that the bells and whistles on my LX-5 are similar to those on the K7. Go Figg’r!

    James Humberg
    USCG 1969-1978

  2. Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful review. It’s refreshing to get a review from a photographer that actually goes out and shoots in the real world, rather than in a test lab. Gotta love that book that’s really bizarre ! Nice work !

  3. Hi Steve,

    I came across your site whilst looking for info on the Pentax k7 – two weeks later and my Canon kit (L lenses included) is traded and I am the proud owner of a k7 body with 55mm f1.4 lens ! Enjoying my photography again, travelling light, just the body lens and small flashgun in a Lowepro Slingshot 100 . . . . . . . .thanks for your honest review, love your site and your images.

  4. thanks very much for this very illuminating review of the PENTAX K7 . i was really impressed by the resultant images especially its coloration . would you happen to know if the K7 is compatible with CarlZeiss ZK manual focus lens series ? if the supplied kit lens cold turn out these fine images , then think of even greater possibilities of being able to produce more excellent pictures with the use of the aforementioned glass !

  5. Hey Elaine…the doors in the back were tore out so its wide open. It should be blocked off or tore down as it is pretty dangerous and kids could wander in this house without any problem. I am assuming that it will be taken down soon.

  6. Your mother is pretty brave! I’m not big on camera tests but I like reading about your photo and road trips. The story behind the trip to visit your family’s old home with your mother was a great one and it’s obvious you enjoy a special relationship. Great hardware on that door – I hope the family that lived there is ok.

  7. good shot Steve, I bouthg the lens summicron 28 f2 for my M8 and I am so happy with the photos I took , thank you again for you reply my email and for you review of this lens .

  8. Thanks guys. Yea, the book was the real find here 🙂

    I have had the K7 here for 2-3 weeks and am just now starting to really use it but it has to go back soon. The only lenses I am getting in to try with it next week are the 31 1.8 and 77 1.8, both which are said to be legendary. They look amazing, so we will see. Thanks!


  9. Nice captures Steve. I really like #3 as well.

    I was waiting for your K7 review because I was trying to decide between the Kx and K7. I tried out both and decided to just pull the trigger on the K7. I’m using strictly M42 lenses on it and it’s really an awesome combo. The K7 gives you metering, focus confirmation, image stabilization, pentaprism viewfinder… list goes on and on. You should pick up a used 50 1.4 SMC Takamur for $30-$50 and pop it on your K7. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  10. Great scenes but ……….. is that a bottle of petrol I see in your Mothers hand there Steve, anything you’d like to confess? 😀

  11. Fantastic shots! There’s a certain “irony” in the fact that the book didn’t burn. Together with the close-up of the doorknob that’s my favourite shot!

    @Per: Enjoy the Noctilux 🙂

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