Daily Inspiration #87 by Gunter Bremm

#87! Time flies with so many great images huh? Today we have one from Gunter Bremm and its a beauty! Here is the e-mail that came along with the image…

“Hello Steve,

First of all: Thanks for the great Website! The Work and Love you put into this project is much appreciated. As for myself: I’m just a beginner (at 44), bought my first camera a year ago (a little compact), and since then I haven’t stopped taking photos. I love the submissions of your readers and I wouldn’t even dream of sending one of my own photos. But, as you said, this is not a competition, and so here is a little snapshot I took on one of the most beautiful days of this year (so far).

We spent the Easter Holiday in Cuxhaven, a little seaport on the northern coast of germany. We left the house early in the morning for a little stroll into the “Watt” (hard to explain, its a stretch of land, which alway appears at lowtide, the sea recedes for almost 15 Miles and one can walk for hours almost up to the little islands far off the coast). I saw two elderly people, sitting each on his/her own bank and staring out to the receding sea (which is right behind the embankment. I grabbed my camera (Panasonic GF1, 20mm/ 1.7), waited for the foot traffic to clear, shooed my wife from the stairs and took a shot. Maybe you like it enough to post it as a “Daily Inspiration”, i would be very happy, but not too disappointed if it didn´t make it. You can find more Photos from this cozy little resort at my Flickr Page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48346657@N06/

Thank you very much and all the best!



  1. Thanks for your very nice and encouraging comments! Thank you, efix, i will definitely try this out!

  2. Günter, that’s a very nice composition. Let me suggest this: If you shot this RAW, then you might consider developing it as b&w with a white balance more towards the warmer tonalities, so that the blues of the sky become darker. Also, you might consider eihter brightening up the shadows a bit or, which might work nicely for b&w, darken them even more. So far, the grass patches look very undefined as they are neither bright nor dark enough, in my opinion.

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