Daily Inspiration #103 by Daniel Coyle

How about a nice portrait taken with a Leica M9 and 90 Summicron ASPH? Submitted by Daniel Coyle.

From Daniel:


Thought you might enjoy this one as a daily inspiration shot.  Was just street shooting when I saw this wall and this young woman walking by.

Shot with my M9 and 90 Summicron ASPH.  For me there is just something about the eyes and the color of the wall.  It was the best shot from the street shooting that day.

Hope all is well.




  1. Sorry for the typos, I am still getting used to typing on this iPad and trying to do it quickly! Thanks again.

  2. Thank you all very much for all your comments. Thank you to S.H. for even posting it as often times I am my biggest critique and did not think he (or anyone else) would feel it worthy enough to go up. As an artist, at least I like to think I am, one can be tremendously hard on one’s self when reviewing images. Thank you for the coments about my website too. It’s quite unfortunate the wedding industry has changed so much over the years for the worse. That’s a whole other ball of wax, no pun intended Richard. however I do see what you mean, her friends hanging out along the wall smoking too all looked like that. There was a bit of PP that went into the image too. For those of you that care there was the obvious combination of PS5 & NIK suite but I also typically use the liquify tool to slightly enlarge the eyes and lips. It has been technique used by many professional shooters to add just a little something that keeps the views eyes in the area of the photograph I intended. One could conclude then that it isn’t a true ‘pure’ street shot because of that. To them I would say your right, I just hope that the knowledge of that doesn’t take away from the image itself. Once again thank you all for your coments. I enjoy all types of critisim, good and bad. ~Daniel

  3. I echo christian’s comments…really great and could eily have been a set shot. Beautiful girl and shot.

  4. Greetings Daniel,
    your skill, your technique, your lens, and your camera, are all wunderbar. Big Kudos on those points. Your depth of field placement is pretty special, too and really brings bokeh into play in a good way – as I prepare to go into RF over SLR shooting I worry about controlling my d.o.f.’s as well as that.
    Alas, my first reaction to your model was with humor rather than aesthetic! Sorry. But I genuinely asked myself whether you were shooting at madame tussauds wax museum. The ‘fashion’ aesthetic she exudes (in my individual opinion/your mileage may vary/not legal in california) is based on a modern manufactured look rather than internal natural effects.

    Richard in Michigan

  5. Gorgeous, I love it! Quite hard to believe this shot was not set up…. everything looks so clean and perfect.

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