A Week Of Updates on the Way!


Hey all! Im back today with some good stuff! I just posted Max Marinucci’s latest article and am on an airplane right now headed for Budapest. I am joining my great friend Seal on his european tour for a week and will be shooting with a variety of cameras like the Sony NEX-5, the Leica X1, the Pentax Kx and a few other surprises. Every day this week I will have a new update from the road and maybe a new review or two thrown in as well.

SO check back DAILY starting now! More soon, as soon as I land in about 40 hours ! (no, not really. I have about 10 hours of flight time to go.)



  1. Please post any tips on favorite photo spots and good eats for those of us who follow you (in more ways than one). I’ll be shooting my dream M9 (that I sold my motorcycle and part of my soul for) in Budapest this fall (+ Prague, Vienna, Bucharest, & Istanbul). Any tips will be treasured. Have a lot of fun.

  2. Have a great time in Budapest! I live there on and off (my wife is Hungarian). Try to grab a meal at Cafe ERTE, wonderful food. 🙂 I am sure Seal will stay at the Four Seasons… they have a superb restaurant too.

  3. a bit off topic but I am busy pulling and pushing some Portra 160 NC – shooting around 50 and also throwing it up to 400 or so (breaking Thorsten’s rule heh heh). Will report back this weekend when I am done with the roll.

  4. Wow – Steve. I am very happy for you. Take lots of pictures! 🙂
    Also, if you see Heidi, tell her I said hi.


  5. Do you go with your friend Seal also to pecs in the south of Hungary? He wil give a performance in this city because it’s one of the three culture city of Europe. Maybe i can see you live 😉

  6. Safe and enjoyable travels to you, Steve. Hope you can find the correct balance in Europe. Love Thorsten’s comment, by the way…hahah….Look forward to some new shots of Seal as well.

  7. Heh Steve…you’re not that far away from my hometown…just cross the border lies Burgenland/Austria.

    As a (now) man from Arizona you hopefully can stand the summer heat right now with 36°C,
    about 97°F.


    Wish you a pleasant stay!

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