Friday Links, August 6th 2010

TGIF! Hey, it’s the weekend so what are you doing sitting here reading this blog!?! Get out and enjoy the weekend, take lots of pics and when you get back, sit down and check out todays cool links!

The Leica X1 is the first compact camera approved by Getty!

Check out this Canon 24-105 MUG!

Some great shots of Vegas…not the typical stuff, and they are COOL.

Young me/Now me…

A great article by Ted Johnson about the Leica X1

There are so many creative people out there…it never ceases to amaze me…This one is super cool…past meets the present.

Love the color in these Graceland images…

Cowes Week Regatta 2010

Contact Sheet Art! Pretty amazing…

B&H is having a deal on refurb Nikon D90’s…check it out HERE.


  1. Steve,

    One of the best Friday links yet. Thank you.

    Loved Jean-François Thériault’s ‘Vegas’, the colours are just wonderful and so atmospheric. A lot of of PP but done in a way that really draws one into the photographs. Also Sergey Larenkov’s imagery is stunning and poignant in equal measure.

    For anyone who might be interested, Historypin is a beta website dedicated to this kind of double imagery work – it can be found at:

    The Canon mug made me smile… my favourite mug has printed on it: ‘Old Photographers Never Die, They Just Lose Their Focus’.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Hertfordshire, UK

  2. Young me/old me – hilarious. Elvis – very old feel… the geek in me wants to know what gear was used (glanced and didn’t see). Enjoy your weekend Steve!

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