ANNOUNCEMENT: The 1st Annual NYC “Inspiration” Meet up!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 1st Annual New York City “Inspiration” Meet Up – October 15th 2010 – 9am-9pm (or whenever we are done)

Ooops! This posted early by accident so I had to remove it, for now! I accidentally hit POST instead of “Save Draft”!
Full details coming soon…:) Very soon!


  1. Sounds great. I’ll be there for sure. Now to make sure I don’t forget. Will you have some type of “supply list” suggestion of things we should bring? Camera, of course, but besides that?

  2. Dude, if the dates stay the same then I’m there! going to be in NYC for my anniversary. Now I just have to convince the wife to let me go 🙂

  3. Hey Steve,

    I am in…I have a mid day studio visit scheduled from 11-1. I am hosting a group of art history students who have studio visits with practicing artists. But I will meet up with you guys early and then find you later on.

  4. You are early. You should have the meet up coincide with Photo Plus in NYC later in October. Many of us not local to NYC will be coming up to Photo Plus and would enjoy a meet up.

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