Daily Inspiration #149 by Pietro Ferrari

Hello Everyone!

My name is Piero Ferrari, I send these images from Italy. Are shots of my colleagues. performed with Leica M8 + Trielmar 28/50/35 ISO 1250 and ISO 200 with Canon G9. Forgive my bad English. Congratulations on your excellent work, Steve.

Ciao, Piero


  1. Pietro
    I really like all of these photographs but the first one is really, really good. It takes me back in time to the 40’s and 50’s. EXCELLENT!
    Hope to see more of your work.

  2. Great Portraits, very expressive, for me the first one is an English Pilot from WWII, in the second shot, even the look on the face has an Italian accent 😉 and the 3rd one is inviting us to a double espresso for coffee break 🙂
    All 3 are well converted to B&W, gr8 job! love to see more.

  3. If you don;t kinow wich one is leica and wich one is a G9, you have a point there !!! and you will save a lot of money also !!


  4. Ciao Piero,

    Queste foto sono bellissime! La mia favorita e numero uno. Lui guarda come una pilota gli anni Quaranta. Mi dispiace, ma mio italiano e non troppo bene. Studio solo per poco mese.

    A Presto-Adamo

  5. Piero…great photographs…was able to click through and the files look quite nice, very film-like. Would you be able to tell us which ones are Leica and which are via the Canon compact?

    Also, do you have a website where we would be able to see more of your work. I really like these.



    • @Ja: you mean you can’t tell the difference? Tsk tsk… 🙂

      I like the pictures too, a lot, so grazie Pietro. You do have the subjects dead centre every time though. If that is a conscious decision, great and keep it up! If, experiment a little with off-centre compositions.

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