Amazing deals on the Panasonic LX-5 – $375

Hot Holiday Deal on a great compact camera! The Panasonic LX-5

One of my top holiday picks for a beautiful compact camera! The Panasonic LX-5 is pretty much the same camera as the Leica D-Lux 5 (though it has a different color profile) and while the D-Lux 5 is a Leica and comes with a longer warranty and Adobe Lightroom software at $799, the price of the LX-5 has just dropped again to $375 AT B&H PHOTO – ALMOST HALF of the D-Lux 5! This is an amazing price for my a wonderful compact camera. You can buy the LX-5 in black or white and I just recently saw the white one at my local shop, though they have it priced at $499 plus tax. It felt solid and the grip was nice and honestly I really was digging the white color. It’s almost like a pearly white finish.

This would make a great camera as a back up or for the significant other in your life 🙂 $375 makes it a no brainer if you are looking for a GREAT compact camera.


BUY THE WHITE LX-5 HERE for $375 at B&H Photo

People ask why I always link to B&H..well, with the LX-5 their price is $35 cheaper than amazon, almost $50 less than Adorama, and is the best price I have found anywhere. I also love the LX-5/D-Lux 5 and give it my highest recommendation. This is why I posted the info here. Oh yea, and if you use my links I get a tiny commission from B&H that helps me to continue on with my passion…this web site!

Thanks for all of your support!


  1. Now we have the LX7 with f/1.4 24mm on the wide end and f.2.3 90mm on the long end. Great for low light if the LX5 is any indication. Am looking forward to getting one of these for a carry around. The LX5 has been a good one but one full stop faster and still 24mm equivalent is nice to have.
    Why so many others don’t make wider lenses is still a mystery.

  2. Thanx for the great info on the Panasonic LX5
    I’m now going to be checking your website whenever I have any camera questions or just want to ‘browse’

  3. In shooting with the LX5 how is the shutter lag time? One major drawback to the point and shoot cameras for me is the slow connection from pushing the button to the click of the shutter. Subjects leave the scene and corn grows a few inches in the interval with some of these cameras.(well, it sure seems that long…)
    With CS5 and Lightroom3 already on the computer, is there really any reason to buy the Leica over the Panasonic?

  4. i am not sure b
    7h photo is on the same page as you. clicked on your link to buy the camera and it shows a price of $399 not $375

  5. Funny how the Leica EVF 1 finder sells for way way more than the Panasonic LVF 1 finder even though it’s the same (385 vs 132 at bh). In fact it’s the same finder that fits on the GF-1.

  6. FWIW, you can buy LR for 200 direct from Adobe and if you stay alert during the past weekend it was easy to find for 180 at BH and 150 at Amazon.

  7. Why would anyone buy the Panasonic over the Lux-5?

    Lux-5 comes with the camera + LR 3 total is $800 + a longer warranty and better resale value.

    LX-5 is $400 + $300 LR is $700 already, if you think about resale it’s easy that these two packages cost about the same, maybe the Leica might even turns out cheaper!

  8. I suggested upon release the price was far too high and it would be below $400 within 3 months… how long has it been out now? The price could never sustain after the early adopters got it out of the way.

    It will be $350 within the next month or two – it should have launched at $399 tbh

  9. darn it! would’ve bought it if the black one was still 375. i was so ready and had begun reciting my credit card number in my head just as i clicked on the link.
    oh well…u snooze u lose i suppose.

  10. For those on a budget the LX4 is most of the camera that the LX5 is, as the LX5 was just a minor refresh, and It can be had for even cheaper. Steal of the season, that and the current D90 and T1i prices.

  11. Nice job Steve…helping people find a bargain. I dig the white one too, with the gray contrasting color. It’s art! LOL.! I think i have one of the few white GF1’s in the US. That is a great pearly finish too with black accents. Mine is really odd because it came with a red shutter release button. (all the others are silver). I may have gotten a proto-type or something as I bought it used on Amazon.. Takes great photos and really gets noticed!
    That is a great price on the LX-5! I am tempted……LOL!

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