TGIF – Ramblings, A New Sponsor & Fun Friday Links 12/10/10


WOW~! The Holidays are upon us already. It’s been just over a year since I launched this version of the web site and in February will be two years total since my 1st review went live (The Leica M8). In many ways, 2010 was a GREAT year for me (going to Europe with Seal, THIS website growing bigger, and all of the great people (21 of you) I met in NYC at my 1st Meet up). In others it was a HORRIBLE year for me (divorce after 15 years of marriage, struggling with finances after a divorce, and loads of stress). I always take the bad with the good and I still feel blessed to be able to do something I am so passionate about.

Someone asked me recently how to make money with a website. I said “Is that your goal, to make money and get rich” – He said “Hell Yea!” – I then said “forget it! If you want to make a website just for the purpose of making money then it will fail. I guarantee it.” He was puzzled and I explained that what I do here comes from a true passion for photography and when I started it it was only due to me wanting people to know more about the Leica M8. I never dreamed of this becoming a true full time thing, but it has. I do not get rich from this, not even close, but I love it and am happy to be able to continue on with it as it’s not about money but building a site where others like me can hang out, converse with each other and also teach and learn. It’s a wonderful feeling and sometimes I get crap for being so personal here but that’s just me 🙂

So let me thank ALL of you again who come here every day to check out the site, and especially those who have used my links for your purchases. It’s incredible to me to think there are so many dedicated readers here, so I THANK ALL OF YOU, even the few of you who I argued with this past year 🙂

I hope to make 2011 the best year of my life and the best year for this site. More reviews on the way in 2011 of some cool cameras… The Fuji X100, The Panasonic GH2, the Pentax K5 and many more. There will be more contests, more guest articles, more processing tips and more meet ups and workshops. I will be hitting the road much more this year for my reviews to get some new scenery and photos. I can not wait I also hope  to do more shooting this year professionally because I have been missing it.

A New Site Sponsor

I also want to welcome a new sponsor to the site. I have been talking with them for a couple of months and they make some really cool products for the Sony NEX-5 camera. You can see their ad to the right and you can visit their site HERE. Great guys with some great products and hey, they are helping to keep this site going with their support so make sure to check them out. I will be writing about their products soon.

Fun Friday Links

Not a whole lot today but some cool ones….

A GREAT article….

A Leica M9 Titanium Test? Sort of…

Awesome interview – amazing photos (Did I link to this one already? Don’t remember but I love the photos here)

Street Photos

Re-Ignite Your Passion For Street Photography

The Leica M9 goes against Medium Format Digital at LL

How about a review of the Voigtlander 75 1.8 from my friend Tony Ventouris

Read out dated photo book for free using Google

A review of the Leica 90 Summicron Pre-Asph from Adam Marelli

Talk about protecting your lens? OVERKILL! Is this real?

Happy Holidays! One for the guys…

How about using a chicken as a steadicam?

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  1. Ernst Haas (early Magnum Photo member) said:

    “There are two kinds of photographers, the ones who take pictures for a magazine, and the ones who gain something by taking pictures they are interested in. I am the second kind. I don’t believe in this in-between success of becoming famous as quickly as possible.”

    When I met Steve at the Shoot Out in NYC, it confirmed for me “He is the second kind of photographer, out there doing it because he loves photography.”

    Thanks Steve, for working day in and day out so we have something to read every morning!


  2. Congrats Steve. Your Website really should have a “Leica Inside” warning sticker before you enter. Once you enter the world of Leica there is no way back and so I will have to bite the bullet and buy a M9 sooner then later

    Also the LL link is fabulous.


  3. Congrats Steve! Few photography sites have done what you have for a brand, and photography as a passion in general in my opinion! I wish you continued success in the coming years! Thank you for everything!

  4. Steve, your passion for photography is contagious. Thanks for all you do.
    Here’s to another year of pics, flicks and great stories.
    Wishing you the very best!


  5. Happy 1st anniversary,!

    It’s been a little over a year since I discovered this site and since then I’ve been visiting at least once a day. Great articles, beautiful photos and also a big inspiration.
    It’s also been a year since I’ve fallen in love with Leica and I’m still waiting to get mine… One camera and a watch have to go to get one M8. Is it crazy? I don’t think so! 🙂

    Steve, thank you very much for what you’re doing here, we’re all really grateful.

    And I know that the next year is going to be much better for you than this one!

    Thank you.


  6. Congratulations to your achievements so far! But it’s only the beginning and I’m confident that with your enthusiasm, talent and skills, the following to your site will continue to grow and the site will prosper.
    It’s a great place to hang out, learn and exchange thoughts. And I definitely want to make it to one of the meet ups in 2011.

    Keep up your great work!

  7. What I regret most was not going to the meet up in NYC. That would have been so much fun. Oh well. Next time. Thanks for doing this website. It’s fun to come here and read about everyone and see their lovely work. No other website has it all where you can come view pictures, read reviews, talk it up with fellow camera enthusiasts and make new friends! I met a lot of cool people on here. This is a venue where you can see different equipment, not the usual mainstream, which I love. Plus, it’s all about passion and it shows. There’s a lot of passion in here.

  8. Steve…Just keep doing what you are doing….WE ALL LOVE IT!

    A few comments on the links above:
    “Street Photos”: Interesting stuff
    “Awesome Interview”: Great article …GREAT images.
    “A Leica M9 Titanium Test? Sort of….”: Can you say DORK. A classic example of a Leica “coveter” who is a fool who can’t use the tool. (Yo..Edmund…nice picture of shoot better stuff with my sister’s cell phone.). Sometimes things just need to be said. I make no apologies.

    …and you DO keep me laughing Steve!!!!!!

  9. .
    Steve, Congratulations on this achievement. This has got to be one of the most refined and civilized photography clubs ever. I am sure you will take pride in how you have rallied so many enthusiasts, amateurs, and pro photographers around Thanks to you, to the many wonderful people who share their knowledge and art here, and thus to the sheer magnetism of your site, there are many more of us hunting and capturing some magic moments. Leica sales are up, film is resurging and cash is disappearing; all good things I’m sure!

    As you celebrate this anniversary, I celebrate just under 5 months of having discovered, and and M9 later, an M6 TTL, a IIIc + Summitar 50mm, the Summilux ASPH 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, Summicron APO 90mm and just last month the Noctilux F0.95 (OK so both you and Ashwin were partners in crime on this one) and more importantly, the joy of traveling and wandering around and rediscovering photography with these wonderful tools, what an exhilarating ride this has been! Ok, so I suppose that my next move should be to see a shrink, and put up all non-photography assets up for sale!

    Steve, will you consider adding to your site the ability for appreciative folk to also donate directly in addition to using the links to buy?

    Thank you for all the effort, commitment, knowledge and fun you share here!

  10. Steve,
    Thanks for including us in your friday links, I hope your readers enjoy them.

    Here Here on publishing a website for the passion of photography and not for making money. continues to thrive after 5 years because of my passion to for helping other people and not for trying to make a buck. Thank Goodness i’d be living on the streets if it were haha.

    Keep up the good work.

    Cris Mitchell

  11. Your passion for photography really shines through in this website. The reason I follow this site. Thanks Steve. I can recommend people to donate to Steve for running such a great site.

  12. Steve

    Thanks for the links and the new sponsor. If the Sony NEX cameras need anything it is either of tripod plates they offer. I will have one in early January.


  13. Congrats on a year of the “new” site! And an early congrats to the second anniversary that includes the “old” site!

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