Lensrentals.com – A new site sponsor!

New site sponsor! I am happy to welcome lensrentals.com to the site as a sponsor. They are the largest online site for renting cameras, lenses and even lighting. The awesome part is that they rent out a huge selection of Leica M glass and yes, even the M9. I rented a few lenses from them over a year ago and their service was fast and the items came well packed and I had NO complaints. I am thrilled to have them here to not only help support this site but to also spread the word to all of you about their rental service.

Check out their site here or you can jump direct to their Leica M page here. BTW, they also rent the Leica S2! You can always reach their site using their banner that will be displayed on the right hand side of any page.


  1. The guys at lensrentals.com are great! I remember renting a Canon 17-40mm from them back in the days when they had only Canon and Nikon gear. Customer service is good as well, very prompt in returning emails. I’m glad they broadened their inventory to include more brands and I consider it a good place to go if I just want to test out some gear before actually buying it or need something for some special projects for limited time.

  2. These guys are AWESOME; their customer service is superb. I had arranged to rent several lenses for a hiking trip; at the last minute, I had to cancel the trip due to a family member’s serious health problem. They were great in cancelling the order, and I wasn’t out any money. I’m glad to see they’re a sponsor on here!

    Additionally, I told them a lens I was wanting to use, and I see they now have it on their website. So I’ll definitely be using them again.

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