Daily Inspiration #223 by George Dobre

Hello Steve ,

I wanted to share with you a great little location for shooting strangers – just at the ground-floor of my new office (it’s a century old house in Bucharest/Romania …) – there are 2 pubs – called “Primus” and “Terminus”:)
I have taken these photos in my lunch/coffee breaks …

I am beginning to fall in love again with my old little D-lux3 Leica because of these shots . If you want to see more – you can visit my flickr account


If you like it – please feel free to post it on your website (on daily inspiration page)

I wish you all the best,
George Dobre


    • What street stuff maclunar? All the street I can see is in the glance of the guy looking through the window. Otherwise okey photos with cool relaxed feeling. Stasio Ulicznik

      • indeed stanis – these are “near-street” photos . if you want some of my street-photography follow the link to my flickr account

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