Daily Inspiration #233 by Andy Bosch

Dear Steve,

Funny how and why i got to you, the pictures I send you attached are a reason why I found your webpage and why I want to send some pictures for the „Daily Inspiration“.

I am a hobby photographer and took this pictures some weeks ago here in Germany. We were a group of 9 hobby photographers and we went to a cartel to take some fashion shoots under the premiss of „available light and one-flash-light“ together.  Most of us wanted to train Nikon CLS to improve the skills and just to have fun in photography.

One of the guys was there with his Leica M9.. I saw it, I felt in love with it just by seeing it. I took some test shots and I was amazed how awesome this camera is. Since that day I am addicted. So I searched the internet for Leica reviews and youtube videos. And thats how I got to your webpage.

I liked your review of the Leica M9 so much, that I would say it was the last impulse for me to buy it. So in case Leica calls you again, don´t forget to mention this :-))

Also I like the M9 image Database and as soon as I am a proud owner of a M9 I´ll try to take part in it.

Best regards from Germany and a new fan of your site, have a great Sunday !

All pictures are done with a Nikon D90, the exif´s are inside the pictures.



  1. Same Andy Bosch doing a spot on QVC for the Olympus camera? The three items you explained were so clear after you spoke. Being a novice with a camera, I need a very BASIC instruction manual such as “Olympus camera for Dummies”. Ha! I need lots of pictures, and steps numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. One must have some knowledge to understand the manual, which I have scanned. “White balance”? What is it and when does a person manipulate it and why?
    Only one of the many items and terms and processes that are confusing.

  2. you’ve done very well using a D90, i dare not imagine what more you can do with a Leica.. good job..!

  3. Second pose is a little awkward? Might have been more flattering to the model from the front – keeping it low?

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