Daily Inspiration #235 by Gyaista Sampurno

Hi Steve,

I attach two photo, taken this January 2010 at Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia.

I took the first photo of a little girl, she’s walking very fast while singing, and on her shoulder is a bag full of empty mineral water that she collects from the Angkor Wat complex. The condition is very dark and very fast, luckily I had a Leica M7 with Voigtlander CV Color Skopar 35mm loaded with cheap Chinese film Lucky SHD100.

The second photo is also from the Angkor Wat complex, I saw this family visiting the Angkor and enjoying their day. It looks nice to see them all in white shirts. Still taken with the same camera, lens and film

Hope you enjoy these photos,

Cheers from Indonesia



  1. Gyaista, those two pic’s are beautiful and hv strong impact..could not describe in details coz the emotion is overwhelmed…thank you for sharing, wish I could learn street photo from you sometimes 🙂
    Keep on creating…!

  2. Great pictures, thanks, reminds me of the chinese photograpy of the 1930’s, a touch of Cartier Bresson too, I’m very impressed.

  3. Looks like were all going to buy Chinese film some time soon. Seriously Gyaista these images are superb.

  4. If film has a soul, the photographer has the eyes that shows that soul. Beautiful images. Makes me want to visit Angkor Wat and shoot film. Thanks for sharing Gyaista.

  5. Your images have soul.. good illustration that pictures don’t always have to be tack sharp to convey an emotion.

  6. I’ve been to Angkor several times and what one sees there makes this for me the most amazing place I’ve ever been to. These photos magnificently capture the moodiness of Angkor as the light fades in late afternoon. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lovely image of the little girl, it’s real fleeting moment captured in time. Could have been shot 5 yrs ago, 10 yrs ago, 20 yrs ago – love it!

  8. Wonderful moments caught with your Leica. I like these photographs especially the little girl collecting mineral water bottles. You have the eye!.

    Angkor Wat must be the most amazing place to photograph – if one can avoid the bulk of the tourists.

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