Amazons Best Selling Cameras. NEX-7 Creeps up in the top 3!

After a day of pre-orders the NEX-7 has creeped up in to the top 3 of the best selling cameras on Amazon. One thing I like about this screen grab is you can see how much smaller the NEX is over the small Canon REBEL T3i.

Pre-Order the Sony NEX-7 from Amazon!


  1. It’s down to #17 already. When deliveries start it may move up again, but with such a limited range of bulky AF lenses I bet a huge chunk will be back on the market again soon.

    If you want to use it with other MF lenses it may be nice. But that’s a small market.

    • I agree Stephen. I am tempted to jump into Nex, but I am not a MF guy and I /yawn every time I look at the Sony 2011/2012 lens roadmap.

  2. I don’t think those product images are meant to be to scale, nor shot at the same angle even. NEX is a small camera, but just not a very reference for judging size.

  3. It may be there now, but I’m guessing is that there is little chance it will be there in 100 days in the top 10, or even 20.

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