Daily Inspiration #284 by Fabien Penso

From Steve: One of the things I love about these daily inspiration photos is that they come from YOU, and from all over the world! Fabien is doing something I can only dream of and his images are amazing! Enjoy!


I’m a long time reader of your website even I’ve never (rarely) interacted on it. I’m currently traveling North India for 3 months, on a motorcycle. I shoot daily and post some results almost every day on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pensophotography and my website http://www.fabienpenso.com/

Here are 3 selected pictures of my trip, hope you enjoy them. They are all taken with a Leica M9.

Taken in a Mosque in Amristar, Punjab. I was walking by and as I like doing, entered in the Mosque. Many kids gathered together as adults were slaughtering sheep for Eid Al-Adha.

Taken at the Sikh golden temple in Amristar, where they give food for free to anyone (but donations are welcome).

I was in Dharamsala (McLoad) waiting for a mechanic to repair my bike, as I had to wait I went in the backyard and talked with a family, took some pictures of a kid when his brother (I assume) poped by and pulled his ear, giving this funny picture. It didn’t hurt as much as it seems, they were actually playing.


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  1. Fabien,
    I cannot tell you how much I like your photographs. Wonderful timing, great light, super composure, and most of all they tell a story, they are not just “pictures”. Thank you for sharing them, I truly appreciate it.


  2. Hi Fabien,
    great pics; also your website has very good shots; have a nice trip….and let us know more
    later – Matthias

  3. Dear Fabien,

    very nice photos!

    Dharamsala has deep memories for me as I spent 2 weeks there 5 years ago attending the spring teachings of HH The Dalai Lama.

    A very special place, the Tibetan people I met and made friendship with are among the nicest people I ever met in my life.

    Prior to the beginning of the teachings I spent 2 days sitting together with the monks in the temple, eating, drinking tea, chanting etc. similar to the photo I saw on your web page, only there were a lot more monks waiting for HH to arrive.

    The love of the Tibetan people for the Dalai Lama is something you probably cannot find anywhere else in the world.

    Read his books, he really is “The ocean of wisdom” as the Tibetans call him.

    It changed my life forever.

    Best regards

  4. Wonderful images, great b&w processing. Agree with Steve, one of the aspects of this site I enjoy most is the diversity of its readership and the subsequent submissions. Thanks for sharing these, Jason.

  5. Kais : The 2nd and 3rd one is the 35/1.4 asph II, the first is the 50/1.4 summilux. Processing is silver efex on this one (I sometimes use other tools, depending of the frame).

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