Daily Inspiration #294 by Daniel Gautreau

Hi Steve,

I thought I’d just add a little spin to your ‘daily inspiration’ post, which I love. I know that we are always discussing & playing with all the new fancy cameras & lens. I am currently travelling in South Africa with my M9 & a few other cameras. I find that I don’t pull out the M9 as much as I’d like to for fear of getting robbed (happens a lot here sadly). I recently got involved with a little project here in a township called; Masiphumelele. I gave 10 high school kids each a $10 disposable Fuji film point & shoot & ask them to do some snaps in their community. So I too used one, so that we can all compare our photos & I can show them what they’ve done right or wrong. Well, in any even, here are 3 of my snaps from a $10 disposable. I now have one in my pocket everywhere I go. Go ahead, rob me. (Don’t worry, I’ll still be using the M9 of course).

Thanks for your great page. Even while on the road with slow connections, I’m always checking it out.


Daniel Gautreau

ps; I have a travel photo/blog page @;


  1. even the $10 fuji disposable camera can give the m9 a run for its money ! i think thats just sad as hell ….
    thanks for the lovely pics

  2. It’s all in the eye! Not to mention great scenics. Doesn’t matter how fancy the gear, if you don’t have those 2, you don’t get the shot. Viva SA!

  3. Magnificent photos! A real testament to your photographic ability that you can capture moments like this so masterfully with such a basic camera. Once again we are reminded a good camera doesn’t make you a good photographer and you can get great shots from cheap and basic cameras!

  4. It is like I said in an earlier response this morning, it is less about the equipment and more about the vision of the shooter. I like all three but #2 with the little girl really strikes a chord with me…..

  5. whi needs an M9 when you can produce shots like this from a disposable, seriously the M digitals are stupidly over rated & stupidly over proced for what you get, it’s just the red dot you pay for, film M’s are the heart of Leica.

  6. In anthropology we call this a “photo voice” project. It’s so useful to see what people value or find important or funny in their community.

    These pics show what a full-frame, self-cleaning moving membrane sensor can do! Congrats on finding one of the coolest, most insightful, and interesting ways to get to know locals and how they see their local community. I can’t think of many ways more fun to spend time with locals.

    Thanks for reminding me about photo voice, I think I’ll do it with some kids this christmas here in Italy.

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