Be the 1st! Amazon Taking Pre-Orders for the Fuji X-Pro 1 Lenses!

Be the 1st! Amazon Taking Pre-Orders for the Fuji X-Pro 1 Lenses!

Guess what? Amzon is already taking pre-orders for the Fuji X-Pro 1 Lenses!! Amazon does NOT charge your card until they ship so to those who want to get these lenses earlier rather than later it may be wise to get in line now before everyone else does! My orders are IN!

Pre-Order theย Fujifilm Lens X-Pro1 18mm F2.0 Lens

Pre Order theย Fujifilm Lens X-Pro1 35mm F1.4 Lens

Pre Order theย Fujifilm Lens X-Pro1 60mm F2.4 Macro Lens

A note about pre ordering from Amazon and why it is smart if you are interested in this camera system

Some people are worried about pre-ordering things like this because what if it doesn’t live up to the hype? This camera is going to be HOT. I would guess that it is going to be the most sought after camera system of 2012. Basically it is an advanced souped up X100 with interchangeable lens capability, and it is launching with three fast primes! The X100 was super hard to get for months after launch so my advice is that if you have interest in this, pre-order the lenses you want now. Again, you are not charged at the time of order, nor is your card “authorized” for the amount (they authorized my card for $1) and you can cancel easily before it ships. Im expecting Amazon to post the body for pre-order soon.

Pre-ordering is sort of like getting a place in line for a ride at disneyworld. The sooner you get in line after the park opens, the sooner you will get on the ride. If you decide you don’t want to take the ride, you can get out of line. Makes sense to me! Also, if you order the camera and you hate it after you get it, it’s also easily returned for a full refund. Amazon has the best return policy in the business along with B&H Photo so no worries! It’s not like the old days with the grumpy old store clerk guilting you for returning an item.

This camera will be HUGE…trust me. I just hope Fuji got it 100% right and it is not buggy or slow. If it was rushed out that would be bad, but we shall soon see!


  1. I will never understand how companies brainwashed consumers into buying more and more sh*t they don’t need.

    Imagine if people were this enthusiastic about taking pictures instead of buying more gear.

  2. I’m sick of all the X-Pro1 hype already! lol

    I decided to go with the Kodak Rangefinder “styled” with a nice fixed f/8 plastic prime. I paid a little extra and got the optical viewfinder.I decided against the electronic one….as it didn’t seem to work(??).It actually has an advanced ‘ zone focussing ‘ system….in that its in focus from 80cm to the dark side of the moon! The controls are a little finicky…there is a flash button and a shutter release…..I get confused sometimes…..c’mon Kodak…..make a user friendly rangefinder! I found myself on one or two occassions rushing to get a shot, and hitting the flash button….only to get my film back later and the whole roll was blank!

    It has a full frame ”sensor” and works great at around 800 ISO.A lot of people say it has cheap build, but while my X100 is at a Fuji service centre getting the ‘Sticky Blades’ serviced ( No…it really is!) this little retro number keeps pumping out the shots. I pre-ordered and got a few strange looks. I couldn’t afford the $4.50 straight up, but the camera shop was happy to take 3 down-payments of $1.50.It came with its own foil wrapping, which doubles as a handy case.

    Just saying guys…there are alternatives out there!


  3. This is the ugliest rangefinder I’ve every seen. The grip is ugly, the viewfinder too close to the edge of the body, the lens looks too small in diameter for the body size, and the “mcs” dial looks tacky in the same way as the dial on the front of the Pentax Q. I’ll be passing on this one…

  4. Boy am I lucky. My little EPL1 works as well today as it did last month. No need to drop lots of money on Nexs or Xs or Ms or Gs or to order a camera that I know nothing about and don’t need.

    For those of you whose interest in photography appears to revolve around obsessing over each new camera that comes out enjoy this one for a few months until the next must-have camera of the century arrives.

    • Amazon took them down. I suspect the sold way too many and are holding off until they get some in. They did this with the X100 as well.

    • hah I’m probably first in line ๐Ÿ˜‰ wrote some code to poll amazon every minute looking for that.

  5. Buying before anyone has reviewed stuff is silly – not clever at all! But we’ve all have done it, once or twice, in our lives! My wife bought the Olympus Mini 4/3rd long zoom, before the reviews were out, and it sure was a bad apple!
    I bought the Olympus C-8080 after a glowing review on DPReview, and while it had its good points, it usre had a quite a few appalling ones as well – sales were rotten and the model was quickly dropped! So I should have waited for a few more reviews – I know now!

    So, I, for one, wouldn’t buy a lens to a camera of unknown characteristics, ever!

    Good luck, though, those of you brave enough to take the plunge, as Fuji is know for both duds and diamonds, like the Hasselblad range (all made by Fuji, nowadays).

  6. Help, I contacted Amazon and they said they needed product number and particulars. They responded
    that they knew nothing about pre ordering the Fuji X Pro 1. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. I can only take a photo with one camera at a time, I love how people get all hyped up and how they need to have the next latest thing immediately, it won’t make you a better photographer ….. too funny, perfect consumers ๐Ÿ˜€
    p.s apparently there is word on the leica rumours forum there will be a M mount for it, so I guess a little patience to see how this all pans out and if in fact this is true, may pay off for those who can ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hey Steve: I can’t find a dedicated movie button on any website foto of this guy. Do you know if there is one, or how the movie mode is acessed? I think I’m hooked, many thanks for the excellent work you do and for this heads-up on pre-ordering.

  9. As an M9 user I love the idea and looks of this camera, it’s like having a gorgeous wife and liking her pretty younger sister! I also have the X100 which is a truly great camera and very usable (despite the usual digital camera menu complexity and small fiddly buttons), so I’m sure this new one will be even more capable. But you get what you pay for and while there may be a diminishing return for more expense (A ยฃ50 bottle of wine is not 5 times better than a ยฃ10 bottle), the Leica will win over the Fuji on build, quality, durability, desirability and if you can drive it, performance in most areas. In 5 years we’ll still want an M9 when all these Fujis are on eBay for peanuts. And my Leica lenses will be with me for 20, 30 years if I last that long.
    Let’s be honest, most decent cameras now are capable of delivering great pictures in the right hands, we’re lucky to have so much variety to choose from and we don’t really NEED any new kit.
    Still I’m disappointed Amazon US won’t ship to the UK so I can’t pre-order!

  10. I have an M8 and my Nex 5n is better for critical focus with my Noctilux than any rangefinder. The Fuji should be good as well in a similar way.

    I like rangefinders but a 21st Century reinvention of that concept is what Fuji has produced. Hats off to them!

    • I think the M9’s manual focusing is still the preferred way to shoot if your focus is critical: fast, no hunting, no misses. But these can easily be very nice complementary cameras in your bag. But this for sure is an X1 killer right now.

    • No, it won’t kill the M9. The manual focus patch of the M system is still the most reliable focussing system in bad light conditions (for which the M system is built). Furthermore, the CCD sensor of the M9 is more sensitive in low light conditions than any CMOS sensor. And, of course, the M9 has got a full-frame sensor.
      To be honest, the M-Leicas are cameras made for just one photographic niche: people in moderate to bad light situations. For any other theme, I prefer a DSLR or a good mirrorless system (such as the Nikon 1), majorly due to the much better color reproduction compared to the Kodak sensor’s.

    • Don’t think you can compare it to the M9 which is targeted at a different audience. Also it is not at FF.

  11. You should call your blog: ” Steve Huff sell photography gear”.
    What is the deal for you to push that non existent gear?

    • Why? Because I post info that every other website posts? Because this is going to be one of the most exiting, if not THE most exciting camera of this year? Because I let readers know they can pre order lenses so they can get them first instead of having to wait for months and months or even worse, pay more on ebay? I consider a post like this pretty valuable actually because there are lots of us out there who are highly interested in this camera as it *appears* to be everything many of us wanted, even down to the lenses released at launch! Everyone makes up their own mind if they want to buy but this is something that many readers here are interested in, so letting them know about it is my job. Thanks for your comment. BTW, the gear does exist and I am hearing a Feb ship date for this system.

  12. A 3 lens kit for this thing cost much less than most Leica lenses. I am sure these lenses will be excellent. This camera will sell like mad!

  13. Worst case scenario is the camera is just “ok”. The lenses will still be worth what you paid for it, if not more. I’m hoping more.

  14. Fuji has the best aesthetic for what a rangefinder should be, next to Leica of course. Its very exciting to see this camera coming. I am sure it will be great and if you don’t like it you could probably sell it at a premium until the hype dies down.

    Worth owning.

  15. I feel that we are all becoming blind consumer freaks. We act as if the camera is just being invented in the history. Please remember something that you all know: Photography is something beyond the cameras, camera itself alone is just a means to create what your brain creates as an art. I will never act before Fuji guys officially declare the camera, make it available for consumers, I may read test reports, see video presentations. If possible I will like to hold one in my hands too. Otherwise I will check the cameras that I may buy at this moment. I am sick and tired of NEX 7 hype.

    • Well said Sir!

      I am sick of ANY camera hype period. All any camera is is a light tight box. It’s not what you use it’s what you do with it end of as you so rightly said.

    • You are completely correct.

      The other reality is that this is pretty much an X100 that takes two other lenses. The test shots will look the same as what have seen. This is fine and expected, but makes the frenzy seem over the top.

      If people are so willing and quick to place their X100, why did they buy it in the first place?

    • Well written! The digital boneyard is full of perfectly good cameras nowadays. My E-P1 with the 17mm still feels brand new to me after almost 2 years. And I use it daily. I got the Minolta 9000 back in 88 and used it for about 12 years without feeling a need to change camera. Get out there and shoot nice pictures with whatever you have! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. would have to be a fool to jump now and not know anything about the camera that the lenses go on…but you can always cancel a pre-order on Amazon so its really no biggie.
    I am intrigued as to how reasonable the prices are for the lenses. Very interesting.

  17. If it only wasn’t that ugly. I’m so so tired of this damned retro trend. Why couldn’t they build this fantastic camera with a body such as the one of the NEX 7.

    Now wev’e got a camera with a great design but internals that don’t suit my needs, another one that promises to be just like the doctor ordered – if I hadn’t to close my eyes before taking it into my hands – and as a result, I’ll remain loyal to the ยตFT system and my E-PL3.

    And why not? they also are going to launch a new camera soom – and i always was happy with what i coulfd achieve with my FT and ยตFT gear.

    Still, I had love to have a stint with the new X system. But I definitely won’t buy this ugly thing.

    • They are doing the retro design because most people like it. After all they can’t conform to everyone’s desires. I personally find the retro styling perpetually beautiful. The E-PL3 on the other hand looks like pretty much any other camera out there, simple and boring.

    • if by “retro design” you mean phisical controls for shutter and speed, well, then that’s why i won’t buy a Nex 7 and get this camera asap.

      (and since I live in Italy and tech stuff is always a bit late here, they’ll probably ship together)

  18. Steve – the most important thing I’ve learnt from your excellent site is that even if (or when) I eventually pick up an M9 – I’ll probably still want every new shiny black rangefinder styled new camera introduced even though they’re supposed to be aimed at people who aspire to the M9 not people who already own it! – personally I’m not an early adopter for cameras, I’d rather buy a camera that’s been tried and tested in the field, and then buy when it I know what it actually excels at.

  19. NOT SO FAST !
    The X-Pro 1 has an optical viewer that supposedly adjusts to the Fuji 18-35-60 prime lens used. How about for other lenses and for zooms ?
    Because of the parallax when shooting closeups there is also an EVF.
    I was not impressed with the EVF on the X-100. That’s why I skipped owning one. I wouldn’t want that EVF, or anything like it, on an X-Pro 1. I am afraid that an optical viewer AND an EVF suggest that none of them are worth having. It’s like going back to a twin lens camera, with the addition of phase detect AF in the path of the OVF and a cheap EVF thrown in.
    I hope I am wrong ! I need to know more about the Fuji X-Pro 1 before I cancel my order for a Sony NEX 7. If the X-Pro 1 had been full frame I would have been more willing to compromise.

    • Yep, I think the X-Pro 1 sounds more like a digital Contax G2 than anything else. Which is no bad thing at all if it can come close to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Having both doesn’t mean neither are good enough – it means there are inherent benefits and limitations to both and this allows you to use them to their strengths without having to suffer their limitations. I think this implementation on the X100 is the best overall viewfinder experience I’ve had from a non-SLR (which has its own set of problems – ie, you HAVE to use the viewfinder to compose). When you’re too close to focus well without parallax problems or if its too dark to see adequately through the OVF, you switch to the EVF. When its very bright and/or you want to see beyond the framelines of the camera or you’re doing burst exposures and don’t want blackout between shots, use the OVF. Acknowledging that no off-set OVF is perfect and no EVF is perfect and providing both is a great approach if they can pull it off technically, which they did with the X100 and I expect they will with this new one…

      • I see no technical reason to have an OVF when the EVF approaches the resolution and the speed of optical. Remember, you have two eyes.

  20. my panasonic gf2 and lenses got a whole lot less attractive after seeing the new fuji x pro.

  21. Fuji guys. Simple interface a la M9 and the Shutter Capped sensor when exposed to elements, please.

  22. I pre-order all 3 with your links Steve! I hope it lives to the hype. I was in line for an X100 but I cancelled the order after all the mixed reviews and got a black M9. The M9 is great but the lens availability and prices make me wonder if I made the right decision (I do enjoy every picture I get from it). The Fuji prices are so good that I couldn’t resist.

  23. Hello everybody,

    Sorry but i am not enthousiam with this fuji…why? i think i am not the only one in this case. because of the cropcaptor.. i am tired to converting from full frame to aps-c. i want to use a 35mm as a 35mm, and so one…
    We are in 2012, full frame captor appeared 6 years ago in the public market with the canon 5D, what they are doing? Controlling the market? for sure, buy and buy till they will propose a “rangefinder full frame” for 1500 10 years…

  24. Hi Steve,
    Just ordered all 3. Using the site link. Thanks for all you do here.
    I think Fuji read Ashwin’s open letter.

  25. The beauty of beng in us. Here on the old continent using amazon is a different story.
    Anyhow, I am really hoping fuji gets this one right with none of the issues plaguing the other x cameras.
    It might help industry move further away from the dslr monsters I am forced to use.

  26. I think the camera will be solid….hard to live up to the hype. AF implementation is key…IQ will be stellar, I suspect….

  27. yeah, I’m waiting until at least the CES presentation on Tuesday…seems foolish to go all in this soon.

    • actually, I lied, since they don’t charge till they ship there’s no harm in pre-ordering, in case this might actually be a better buy than the NEX-7. Got the 35mm preordered! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I think you should’ve just preordered the 60 and the 18 or 35, since I’m sure they will probably have the 18 and 35 come with the body at cheaper prices?

      • Hi, can just as easily cancel orders for individual lenses if kits when become available.

  28. It is a bit insane. But I too just pre-ordered two lenses sight unseen. Love the X100 and figure that the X-Pro1 will surpass it. It’s essentially a no risk situation though. There will no doubt be reviews out before the items ship and my card is charged; and since Amazon doesn’t charge until they ship I can just cancel if the system is more hype than substance. But… given the wait that resulted with the X100, even discounting the tsunami-induced delay, I want to be at the front of this line.

  29. There already out of stock.. ๐Ÿ™
    Other companies should learn from Fuji. They really know what photographers want.

  30. This is insane. We don’t know anything about the system yet… I myself would prefer to see some reviews of the AF first, which hasn’t been particularly great on the X100, before jumping onto the latest hype. It was only two month ago that the nex-7 was announced as the Best Thing that ever happened in the photography world, and we haven’t even seen the Leica asp-c announcement yet, which I am sure will be the next must-have compact hype.

    • I gotta admit I was tempted, but i’d like to see some reviews/images and know a bit more first. Though i’m extremely interested for sure.

    • Worst case is that it’s not as good as we hope or it just has horrible quirks. In that case, I can easily return it all for a refund. Thats the beauty of Amazon. So not really insane. For those that want 1st crack at it without waiting months they can order now, get it when it is released and hope it’s as good as it looks. If not it can be returned or I am sure some will even sell at jacked up prices on e-bay.

      It’s a win win to pre order early especially since you are not charged until it ships. The NEX-7 is great, but the problem is they are not shipping them in quantity yet. Also, the lenses for the Fuji X seem more impressive IMO. Three fast primes at launch? Perfect!

      As for Leica, they will have an APS-C announcement in 2012, mark my words! If it is without a built in EVF or without fast AF (these newer cams are doing phase detect and contrast detect) and this Fuji delivers then I am afraid Leica may have some problems. The X100 already did major damage to the X1 sales.

      If the new Leica does have an EVF, and is fast and delivers that Leica quality we love then it will be great I am sure. Higher priced of course.

      Also, as things leak on this Fuji the orders are easily canceled without any penalties or charges. So if it starts to look not so hot, no loss. It’s either pre order now or wait months after it is released. Seems to be the way it works these days in the digital camera world.

      • I really wonder how many people who just got a Pen-3, or a GX1, or a Nex-5 are already jumping to the Fuji. Isn’t jumping equipment so fast like, bad for your photography?

        • I think so too ๐Ÿ™

          BUT: jumping from camera to camera every 6 months makes the manufacturers happy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Guess you can put me in that list. Got the ep3 and x100 in 2011. Here’s hoping it combines the lens quality and autofocus from the ep3 with the image quality and updated evf/ovf of the x100. That would keep me from having to choose which one to pull out of the bag.

        • It depends on the target market Raist3d. This camera isn’t exactly targeted towards point and shoot upgraders or beginners. It seems to clearly aimed at the enthusiast market based on the lens selection. A lot of people that are not enthusiasts tend to have a problem using prime lenses. However, I do admit I just got a Nex 5n and even I’m tempted to jump to Fuji.

          • I understand that but the point is- there is always a better camera next year (or usually). The question then becomes, what’s wrong with the wonderful camera you just got? Seems like the way Steve phrased the camera news is a bit umm consumerist? like a feeding frenzy? That does an individual’s photography no good.

      • I really have to wonder about Amazon’s return policy. It’s not something new in North America because I have noticed it before. In an effort to sell something, anything, any responsibility of the buyer has been removed if they can return it because “they didn’t like it”. Worse, the buyer who orders several items with the intention of only keeping one and returning the rest after a period of “testing”.

        I worry about the guy who buys the thing as “new” only to find out it is a previously returned product.

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