Daily Inspiration #316 by Milo Hess

Hello Steve. Being a New Yorker I appreciate your no-nonsense approach to reviews. Right to the point. No apology opinions.

With all the photoblogs out there your approach and imagery keeps me coming back for more. Nice work. Thought your Seal series was just excellent.

I am a media credentialed photojournalist here in the Big Apple shooting for a few weekly newspapers…trying to find the unusual and unique in a world

of visual cliches. Everybody here ( natives and tourists alike) has a camera or cell phone camera and knows Photoshop. Luckily for me the city is ripe with

the unusual and/ or humorous…It means looking a little harder for the not so obvious. As a former TV News art director I’ve seen/shot my share of traditional news type images.

Something different is what I’m about. I’ve been shooting with Olympus cameras for the past 10 years or so…today loving the Olympus PEN series which is

great for my urban style. Small camera in the big city.

Keep up the good work Steve.


Milo Hess



  1. Well..with the exception of the last one, these are rather voyeuristic I must say… Nice change of pace from Steve on his daily inspiration selection! :)…. Certainly put a smile on our faces!

    Thanks, Milo for not taking it too seriously!

  2. Holy s&!#t. Just what I wanted to see; a tramp stamp of a butterfly crawling out of her arse (ass in the US).
    In Australia, such tatted-up folk belong to the “bogan” brigade.

    Anyway, the “artist” surely received the Medal of Valour.

    • Luckily, the insects are too young to remember where they came from…it would be very traumatic. I wonder if the tattoo artist ever escaped?

  3. Well observed, well timed, rather surreal pictures, which have to be looked at again and again to be sure of what’s going on. The antithesis of these: http://tinyurl.com/7bsvqj2

    Multiple planes (number 2), two demonstrative ‘leaders’ (balanced: left hand and right hand) among the ‘little people’ (number 4).

    These are unique moments which we’re invited to participate in, and not just observe (as in Mike’s).

    And not taken with just a solitary 35mm wide-angle lens.

  4. Uhhmmm… is it just me or are those the antithesis of ‘not so obvious’? Hahahaa… That first one is ‘very deep’. Hahahaha..

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