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UPDATE – I have received over 100 replies via e-mail so will be going over them all starting Monday March 5th. Thank you!

Hello to all! With the website growing quickly I have decided that this website can get better and better IF I had some help. For example, when I get in 3-4 cameras at one time it is almost impossible for me to review them all at one time because I prefer to take some time with the camera before reviewing πŸ™‚ I have decided to hire on 2-3 people to help write for the site and even review some DSLR’s. Since I am not really much of a DSLR guy these days I am looking for at least one person who is knowledgable and LOVES them.

Before you read further, I am hoping Β to find at least a couple of local people in the Phoenix AZ area to help with camera and lens reviews. This way, when I get cameras, lenses, or gear coming in for review I can just hand it over and you can get to the review or we can do a team review.


What am I looking for?

Someone who is passionate about photography, life, and has a positive attitude. This is a must!

Someone who can write a thorough real world type of review (not looking for scientific)

Someone who wants to work from home on their own schedule

Someone who is creative and can work on their own and even come up with ideas that may be fun

Must live in the USA, and HOPEFULLY you are local in the Phoenix Area (looking for 1-2 local)

Also looking for someone (who can live anywhere in the USA), one person for fun “non review” articles such as basics, tips, tricks, etc.

These will be paid positions. Not a full-time gig, but pay as you write and the possibility of 2-4 articles per month.

If you are interested in , have photography knowledge and want to write for me then send me a message below with your name, age, where you live, what you can offer and why you are interested in joining me to make this site even better.Β 

ALWAYS looking for more guest articles as well!

I do not pay for guest reports and articles but these are posted to help share YOUR thoughts and experiences. They also are great for getting your name out there in the photo community and I always link back to guest writers websites, Facebook, twitter, or google +. If you want to submit any guest articles to the site and join the hundreds of guest reports already living here all you have to do is let me know! They can be to showcase your travels, photos, or experiences with gear or anything photo related.

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  1. He guys, I do not want to read your CVs here. Please stop these “puppy big eye love me Steve posts” and get real. Apply for the job via mail and good luck to everyone.

  2. Congrats on getting the website to the point where it need that much work. I can’t help, but it still seems like a good thing.

  3. Hi Steve, my name is Anthony; I’m 42 years old, married with a child and live in NJ, right outside of NYC. I have been shooting for over 15 years; have a back ground in cinematography and technology. I would be a great fit with you and your site because I LOVE new technology, whether it’s about photography, and technology relating to photography/video, music (I’m also a guitar player who is passionate about tube amps) new web technology. I’m what you call a total gear head that has G.A.S. I love reviewing new gear, discovering all the pros, cons, in’s and out’s of any piece of technological product I came across. I have a background in DSLR gear but the past year and a half I have been shooting m4/3’s. I’m a friendly easygoing person with a great work ethic. I’m a fan of you, your work, and this site, and if given the opportunity to work with you would be a GREAT pleasure.

  4. Steve I’ll pay you if I can go shoot with you for a day!!! But I’ll settle for one of those workshops. I wish I was aware of the L.A workshop, but I’m new to your site so I missed when you were advertising it. Which makes me mad,cause I’m the biggest Curb your enthusiasm fan! Let me know if your ever floating around the Denver/Colorado Springs area!

  5. Hi Steve,
    I posted a reply above but also wanted to post one here also. I would like to throw my hat into the running for this position. What I bring to the table is close to 30 yrs. of photographic experience, the last 15 as a high school photography instructor (Maricopa,AZ). As a photography instructor I’m experience in breaking down the cameras and explaining them to students in a very direct manner. I’m currently a little past the mid point in my MFA degree in photography. And as most photographers I love new toys!

    Chuck King

  6. Steve, I am nominating your son to keep this site “HUFFPHOTO”! This site is unique because of …
    Are there any DSLR lovers here?

  7. Hi Steve, I posted my “application” here but realized I used a different computer and my real name. It now awaits moderation. Just wondering how long the moderation process generally takes?

  8. Steve,

    Gimme that latest “wonder” from GE and I will pump everybody full of B.S. and excitement so they can preorder one immediately! NOT! I am about realistic evaluations, not sugarcoating turds. I respect Sean Raid for no nonsense reviews. I have been in the photo industry for the past 15 years professionally, and even longer as an amateur. My website (and mostly blog) are reflecting my views. I am in Santa Monica, California. If you like my style, please contact me. I don’t mind getting paid for doing what I like.

  9. Hi Steve,
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to apply for such an interesting position.
    My name is Joseph Higares, 30 years old from San Jose California. For many, MANY years I worked at a HUGE school portrait company (the largest in America). This company taught me some interesting and vital aspects of photography, such as a strong understanding of portrait composition and the keys to working within a fast-paced high demand situation. I believe this was foundational in my formation as a photographer today. I have since left that job and now co-own an independent hip-hop record label/studio, work at a retail game store and operate a part-time photography/graphic design/videography company with the invaluable assistance of my beautiful make-up artist fiance.
    My background in writing is fairly in-depth: in high school I authored two (unpublished) novellas and a number of poetry booklets. My writing style, though unorthodox, is firmly rooted in a love for classical literature and philosophical/theological treatises. I have penned numerous biographies and one-sheets for the artists on my record label. I have also written countless rap lyrics.
    I have some pretty interesting ideas for articles that could be useful and informative to your readership. These would hopefully expand your website a direction you would be happy to see. I also have access to serious english majors that would have no problem hacking and slashing my work to achieve the best possible effect.
    My main concept is a “grow-with-me” series, by this I mean a series specifically directed at the “entry-level/budget-minded” serious photographer. This is the category I currently see myself belonging. I have worked a few paid gigs and have quite a few more already on deck but most of my gear would be considered entry/budget. Despite my background with a large company I go at this with a healthy “learn-as-I-go” menatlity. Coming from a hip-hop/punk rock background has given me the tools needed to operate in a DIY/”use-what-you-have” paradigm that I believe would be invaluable to the average reader.
    I also have a HUGE interest in reviewing budget-minded products (flashes, filters, batteries etc) to let Joe Average know if these products are worth his time and money.
    In works I have more than a few videos and articles that I believe will be informative to the burgeoning photographer with lofty goals. These include reviews on products (not cameras), tips on shooting in ANY situation and how-to’s on running an artistic business.
    I should point out that reading your site has been a BIG influence on my attitude towards photography. Intentional or not you have an excellent attitude that informs the reader that the most important aspect in photography isn’t the gear it’s the artist. I thank you for that!
    My gear includes: Sony SLT-a33 with 18-55 kit/Minolta 35-105 f3.5-4.5N/Min 70-20 f3.5-4.5N/Min 50 1.5/Min 28 2.8/opteka speedblitz flash. Olympus epl1 with kit.
    My sites are:
    you have amazing pics Vince and if you get the job i will be MORE than happy!!!

    • Thanks Joseph! I love the high dosage blog… pretty incredible stuff you’ve got going on. I would love to see camera reviews coming from you! Keep up the amazing work

  10. Do I want in? Being a part of a cult following that I myself enjoy reading every day? Getting paid to do it? For Steve Huff? Yes, yes, yes!

    Steve, my name is Vincenzo, 27 from Connecticut. I really enjoy photography and the real world review style that you have. I like to think of myself as a pretty decent writer with a good “voice”. Its so important that people purchase quality products because they want to, not because it has a super duper multi quadruple mega pixel rating and lots of gadgets. They say to change the way you look at things causes the things around you to change. Since reading your site, I have changed my way of looking at photography and I love it even more. It doesn’t have to be so much of a science, but rather a real world assessment of what one can do with the equipment they have. My goal would be to empower people to get out and use whatever equipment the currently own (while occasionally trying new stuff as well), go out of their box and just make great photographs!

    Thanks for the opportunity Steve!


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