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Pre-Order the new SLR Magic T0.95 Hyperprime LM (Leica Mount) Lens Now!

Just heard from SLR Magic and they have just now opened up pre-orders for their Leica Mount 50 T0.95 Lens. As stated previously, the cost for this lens is $4288 if you want the Leica RF Coupled Version. What does this mean? If you buy this lens and ever have plans of using it on an M mount rangefinder camera like any film M or any digital M or even an Epson RD1 then you NEED the coupled version. This will allow you to focus the lens using the RF patch.

If you plan on using it only on a NON M body like a Sony NEX, Micro 4/3 or Roch GXR with M mount then you do NOT need an RF coupled version and this can save you $1,288 because the NON coupled CINE version is $2988.

You can pre-order that lens and even their much sought after 12mm f/1.6 for micro 4/3.

Seems the 50 T0.95 lenses will be shipping starting June-September and the 12mm 1.6 in April. You can click HERE to order.

Also note that you can choose between a green ring or black ring! Awesome.

My continuing review of the 50 LM T0.95 can be seen here and the 12mm f/1.6 review is HERE.

BTW, the photos in the image below at the SLR Magic website are NOT of the LM T0.95 lens but the Micro 4/3 hyper prime.


UPDATE MARCH 3rd 2012 – Due to the large amount of pre-orders SLR Magic has taken down the Leica M coupled version of the lens. The Non coupled is still available for pre-order. 

  38 Responses to “Pre-Order the new SLR Magic T0.95 Hyperprime LM (Leica Mount) Lens Now!”

  1. Thanks Steve! I made my order! CANT WAIT!

  2. Thanks Steve!
    I’ve been waiting for these magic words ever since you first reviewed the M mount HyperPrime.
    I’ve made my order.

  3. …but you have to pay up front…Yikes!

    Ordered mine, anyway!


    • I had been asking them how to pre-order since their announcement and they were not willing to take my order. Been bugging them for the past two months! It is sort of a relief to know I no longer have to email them to take my pre-order as I am tired of waiting to get a fast 50. I kind of saved quite a bit by getting the SLR Magic. This is evil! I am thinking of getting a 28mm f/2 with the money I saved.

  4. Just wait until you get your duty tax on import!

    • Assuming that the Duty calculator I just used is correct, it’s only 2.3% tax from Hong Kong into the US. Not that bad really!

  5. Wow… The non-coupled version is about $1,300 less! When you said it’d be cheaper I wasn’t thinking it would be by that much! Assuming it’ll perform identically to the samples you’ve been able to show us, this makes my decision to pick one up much easier. I guess I know where most of this year’s bonus is going…

    Thanks for the update Steve.

  6. What if you want to use both on M mount and I’m 4/3 cameras? Does the coupled work on both?

  7. I hope they keep the super fast lenses coming. 25mm,35mm
    0.95 for m43 and nex and fuji Xpro and ….
    If I could get those for M9 and the quality is as good it would be pretty sweet. Hmmm $5K for a 35 1.4 or $2K for SLRm?

  8. I think you would have to be slightly insane to preorder one of these at this price.

    So I just did :)

  9. I wish I had the money …

  10. This is a huge price difference for the rangefinder coupling. I am guessing that it is 100 year-old tech that accomplishes this? SLR magic is clearly trying to take advantage of people that they know will pay the premium: Leica users who already overpay for everything (I am included in this). I think this is a terrible precedent. I am going to wait-out Photokina and see what Leica has up their sleeve. I am hoping for a X10 with a digital rangefinder that will obsolete the rangefinder coupling and then I will put that 1300$’s towards that purchase.

    Thanks again for the great info Steve. Keep it coming.

    • It turns out that the old rangefinder tech takes a huge amount of effort to implement and calibrate.

      I think it is a great precedent, people that don’t want to pay for a (to them) worthless feature don’t have to.




  11. I WANT ONE! I don’t even own a Leica, but I might win the lottery tonight!

  12. Hi, Steve,

    Is the E mount Hyperprime the same quality in terms of IQ and build as the M mount? I want one for my NEX-5n.



    • You can see the review on this site of the E version and M4/3 version. They are 100000% different lenses. The E mount and M 4/3 mount F/0.95 are decent but no where near the LM T0.95.

      • Got it. Thanks a lot for the comment. So it looks like after SLR Magic bought Noctor, they really tuned up up the Hyperprime to be a totally different lens. If that’s the case, I may get the non RF coupled one and try to use it on Fuji X Pro1 when Fuji release the M mount. Before that, just use it on the NEX5n.

  13. The RF coupled version is already sold out !!! Can’t imagine the price of this lens USED…

  14. What do you mean pre-order? Its allready for sale or is this not the same lens?

    • As it states in my review, and in quite a few other posts, that is a totally different lens. It is an E mount lens, different design, different build, different glass, much smaller, and softer. I reviewed that lens with a NEX C3.

  15. SLR Magic has to be one of the worst brand names ever for a company moving towards premium optics, especially for rangefinder and mirrorless bodies! It’s great to see someone providing a serious alternative to the Leica Noctilux but I wish they’d rebrand it as a marque that might inspire more confidence.

  16. I can’t believe how fast these went. Wondering if I should just buy the non coupled version and a Sony nex7. It ends up being the same price as the rf coupled version. I’d much rather use the lens with a Leica. I just got the m9 and I don’t need another camera but the shortage of lens is crazy. I ended up buying the zeiss sonnar 50 and the sonnar 85 because I couldn’t get a Leica lens. My friend in HK just bought two noctilux. I don’t know which dealer he went to but he only had to pay a 1k premium so $24,000 for two lens. He asked me if I wanted one but I just bought 3 lens so I couldn’t bring myself to drop another 12k all in the span of one month. However, after I saw the lens and read your slr magic review I really want a .95… Which means I have to buy a Sony nex7 so I can get a non Leica .95 lens!! This seems like a very strange circle.. Will I even use the Leica after I buy the Sony nex7 with the .95. Luminous landscape said the Sony 7 is comparable to the m9 in quality when using a great lens. Will you review the .95 with the Sony nex7?

    • I can give you my comments. I have both the M9 and NEX-7. The NEX-7 is great to use but everything is digitally cropped to 1.5x and makes it not so fun. I use my Leica M glass on the NEX-7 but I know something is missing. Unless you have poor eyesight like me I would stick to the RF coupled version since you have an M9. I use the NEX-7 at home and end up taking the M9 when I go out since I want to use the lenses I have to full potential. I am surprised how quickly the RF coupled version sold out! I read about the pre-order and was thinking about it and the next morning it was sold out! I thought that only happens for the iPhone 4S but I guess it is the same case for exotic glass. Thanks to all the other guys here who pre-ordered before us we now have to wait for the next chance. There is a Noctilux 0.95 at my local dealer but I have already decided which 0.95 lens I am craving for. I rather wait for the perfect one rather to get an alternative. Maybe that is why I am still single with all these exotic glass! We call them our investments right?

      • Hi Patrick, Thanks for the reply. Sounds like I should wait.. which is fine since I just got these other lens. I should spend some time with them before going onto the next best thing. I’m not a gear head and I’ll buy a new camera every 5 years or so but when I do I want to buy the best. I read that you can focus closer with the M lens on the Nex-7 with a helicoid? Do you have one of those?


  17. Hi Steve,

    i have the nex 7. which lens do you recommend: this one or the CARL ZEISS Nex 24/1.8 ?

    • Two totally different lenses. One is a 24mm (35mm equivalent) and one is 50mm (75mm equivalent). One is an f/1.8 lens and one is a T0.95 lens. One is $999 and the other is $3000 :) All depends on your needs and wants.

  18. hey steve so bummed out that these have already sold out yet i noticed that they said to e-mail them to get a in-stock notification when they have more in. Is this true that they will have more in stock? I’m sure I read somewhere in your review that they were only going to make one batch and that was it.

    • Hey Zero, I never said they were making one batch – this is a lens they are building on a daily basis and their production limit is something like 10 per month so it is a hand made, sort of custom product it seems. I was told they will open up pre-orders again when they get caught up with the current pre-orders. Thanks.

  19. Ok, is this one not THE Same as SLR Magic 50 mm f/0.95 HyperPrime E-Mount.?
    Because this one is about € 849,–
    You can see it here :

    • For the 1000th time…no. :)

      Ive posted in almost every post, every comment thread…not the same lens AT ALL. That is a Sony NEX mount which is the same as the Micro 4/3 mount. Totally different lens, less than 1/2 the size, weight, and not nearly the same performance. It is not a full frame lens nor does it use the same uber quality glass as the LM T0.95.

      • O, I’m sorry. i think I Miss that part of information. i should try to read the whole website. Thanx for the answer

  20. Hello Steve,

    First of all, thank you for your excellent reviews and insights, they have been very helpful in deciding what my next photo gear will be. I was in the waiting list for a Noct f0.95 when i read the news about SLR Magic lens coming up, and I am happy to say that now I am on the pre-prder list and look forward to get mine in June or earlier if possible. With the money saved from the Noct I am in the waiting list for a Leica 21mm f/1.4.

    Yet I wanted to ask you, right now i have an M8 and whilst I liked it, there are some things I don’t enjoy, specifically the cropped sensor. Do you think is worth changing to the M9? Or should I update to a Fuji X1 while we await for an updated M9, maybe M10?



  21. does this work on the x-pro1?

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