Fuji X-Pro 1 Firmware Update 1.01 – Fuji addresses the lens chatter

Fuji X-Pro 1 Firmware Update 1.01 – Fuji addresses the lens chatter

Fuji has released version 1.01 of the firmware for the X-Pro 1 camera. With so many complaints of lens chatter I knew it was only a matter of time before Fuji released an update. As usual, they are right on top of it! You can download version 1.01 here at the Fuji website. After you download it and try it out, leave a comment and let us know if it helped!

DOWNLOAD X-Pro 1 Version 1.01


  1. Hello I was wondering if there was anyone else that had any problems with the X-Pro 1 after updating to the new firmware 1.01 ?
    My X-Pro1 is does no longer work with the flash EF-20!
    It was working perfectly before the update.

    • I had the same problem with the EF-20. After updating the firmware for the 60mm, it reset the settings again and before I turned silent mode on, the flash worked. I turned silent mode on and it didn’t work. Turned silent mode back off and it worked. Anybody who has this problem and wants to use this flash, has to leave silent mode off.

      • That’s normal behaviour in the Fuji X100. Presume it is the same in X-Pro1. Hope to have mine this week.

  2. So, since I have three lenses for my X-Pro 1, I must apply the update three times, with a different lens attached to the camera each time?

  3. When I first used the camera, the blade chatter was a annoying. However, after a week, I no longer noticed it. I don’t think I’m going to bother with this firware upgrade.

    A comment on the “weak autofocus” though. I’ve had my Xpro 1 for about three weeks now. And, overall, I am very pleased with its auto-focus capabilities. OK, it might not be as fast as the latest Nikon dslr. (I never expected it to be.). But its speed is not bad. Most importantly, though, it is extremely accurate–much more accurate than my Pentax K-7 and K-5 cameras.

  4. When I first used the camera, the blade chatter was a annoying. However, after a week, I no longer noticed it. I don’t think I’m going to bother with this firware upgrade.

    A comment on the “weak autofocus” though. I’ve had my Xpro 1 for about three weeks now. And, overall, I am very pleased with its auto-focus capabilities. OK, it might not be as fast as the latest Nikon dslr. (I never expected it to be.). But it’s speed is not bad. Most importantly, though, it is extremely accurate–much more accurate than my Pentax K-7 and K-5 cameras.

  5. Just got home and upgraded the firmware, definitely takes care of the blade chatter, now if they could just improve the focus speed a little more like my X100 it’ll be perfect!

  6. Two firmware upgrades are required: body and lens. Seems to work and I’m real happy to have the chatter gone. I had been using optical finder only with power save to on as a work around. I don’t know yet whether focus has been improved.

  7. Body upgrade works fine as does the 35mm lens upgrade. There’s a typo on the Fuji website: 35mm and 18mm upgrades have the same download address. The listed 18mm upgrade works only on the 35. Glass half full.

    • Worked fine on the 18mm for me… Are you sure you copied the right file to the sd card?

      • I think were was a problem with the link to the lens firmware on the fuji site, one link took me to the 18mm fw but it was actually the 35mm fw

  8. I returned the camera because I couldn’t stand the aperture chatter. Of course, they fixed it the day after I returned it. Is there some cosmic connection there? If I had kept the camera, the fix would likely have come a year later. 🙂

    • Zlatko – re. your question, “Is there some cosmic connection there?”

      Can you recall ever p*ssing someone off at Fuji? If so – then the answer could be … yes?

  9. Mine is coming tomorrow. Steve, I respect your reviews very much, and I know you love the OM-D, but in my opinion your XP1 photos, to my eye, look nicer. Forget all the technical stuff, they just look sweet. Anyway, I bought it all through your links so hopefully you get a few pennies for your work.

  10. seems to me the some folks have forgotten it took Leica twelve months to sort out a simular problem with the X1, at least Fuji do things a lot quicker. What about the isssues with the d800 and the new cannon D mark111 or are those just myths.

  11. Yes the Fuji X-Pro1 is a crap.

    It’s a terrible camera with a terrible sensor. The body of the M9 and the sensor is much better and more expensive. Viva Leica !!!

    I hope to buy one Leica M9-P soon for my daughter. She is 5 years old but she is so good.

    • The sensor is wonderful as tested by a number of competent reviewers But there is a lot more to camera than the sensor and for the price Fuji should have a lot less bugs with the released camera. A wonderful sensor is useless if you miss the photo due to poor camera operation. However, the fanatics will defend a particular product no matter how bad. I was hopeful on the Fuji but the Nex 7 I just received is the best all round camera for my purposes and works wonderfully with a wide range of glass. And hey, It is suported by Lightroom and Photoshop for Raw conversion – until fuji achieves Raw support it is a non issue for me….,

      • That’s very funny. It did take quite some time from release for the usual Raw converters to support the NEX 7 (I received the camera in December and it took until march for Raw support in aperture). Also, the x-pro1 seems to have fewer issues with non native glass.

        I don’t think you can really focus on these points as positives of the NEX over the Fuji.

  12. They released a new version of the RAW converter too. They claim a better image process. So far I re-processed a couple of images and it does seem to render better (sharper) Can anyone else confirm this?

    • The fix to SilkyPix was for a problem when you took, for example, night shots that had lights that exceeded the DR of the sensor. The editor would create yellow-green (depending on WB) “orbs” or “blotches” in those areas. I sent them an example of that problem and others have noted it too.

  13. “As usual, they are right on top of it.”

    I can’t but wonder that there shouldn’t have been anything for them to get right of top of in the first place. They didn’t seem to be right on top of things by releasing an expensive product with such an obvious, and audible, fault.

    • “As usual, they are right on top of it.”

      Having owned an X100, I wouldn’t say “as usual” with anything regarding Fuji.

    • Right, it is not “listening to their customers” when they fix things that are obvious to anyone who takes pictures which no at Fuji seems to do.

      Listening to their customers would be things like putting in a multiple detection performing auto focus system and an elegant manual focus system, for example, and that fell on deaf ears.

      • Ah, so they should only listen to those customers who would be wiling to spend $2500+ for the camera as you would prefer it was spec’d and not try to make the shareholders happy but offering the features/design they could at the price point they felt was going to sell best ?

        You do realize that the reason Fuji builds camera is to make money. Making photographers happy, granting their every wish, etc is just part of the business.

        So many act like a company should make the perfect camera because they deserve it somehow, for the betterment of mankind or whatever, when really its just about making the shareholder happy.

        • The extra $500 they charged for the body would have put more sophisticated AF in the camera. And it is clear from the other cameras out there they did charge extra.

          • Or they actually spent it on r&d of the new sensor which is groundbreaking in itself. It is easy for the consumer to say this and that or it should be this way but unless you work in the company you really do not have any idea what makes them decide their price, when to launch a product and for what reason.

          • Some people are saying it is the same Sony sensor used in a K-5 and D7000 with Fuji’s own color array. Beats me though.

    • OMD – currently the greatest camera in the world apparently – needed a firmware fix barely days ‘out of the box’ – so what’s the big deal about Fuji?

      No bias – just saying …..

      • I don’t think the lens chatter would be a big deal for me (I do live with a similar symptom with the Panasonic-Leica 25mm on my Olympus E-P3). For m4/3, my understanding is that this has to do with difference in how and how often Oly and Panasonic update live view.

        That said, I don’t think you can compare the completeness (i.e. alpha/beta firmware versus commercial release) of Olympus v1.0 firmware versus Fuji’s, if you are going off the X100 track record and Oly’s PENs (assume mostly the same code). Who knows, maybe the success of the X100 allowed Fuji to beef up the software engineering team (certainly seems like a quick turn around for a firmware update).

        • The Fuji chatter ‘fix’ was purely in response to user discomfort at the noise levels (literally speaking, not a required fix) whilst the Olympus fix was for pre-existing industry compatibility issues that should not have escaped the factory.

          Oly fanboys were quick to jump on a Fuji firmware fix – but keen to minimise news of their own. Olympus should also have the benefit of 4/3rd partners to draw up on!

          Thank god Fuji didn’t send out black bodies where the paint simply fell off – like on the OMD. Never have heard the last of it ….

    • And it takes about as long to reset them as it does to get online and post a message complaining about it…..

    • Perhaps they should adopt the MS Windows approach …. keeps all your files & settings, but takes over 4 hours to do a total re-install …..

  14. hmm… seen some reports of improved AF speed with 35mm lens, can anybody confirm please?

    • I haven’t fully tested it yet, but I sensed something similar. In some situations it went back and forth, same situation after update, one way only… maybe a coincidence, but it was kinda nice.

      I’m more of an OVF person, and the update to the OVF are really cool. Parallax in manual focus ok, I tend to go EVF for manual, but the bright thingy when half pressed… damn that was annoying sometimes.

      Just tried the blade shatter to see what they’ve done, and ok … no blade shatter anymore 😉

      Thanks Fuji!

    • I’ve noted MUCH faster startup, as you say, AF seems quite a but faster with the 35mm f1.4, The chatter has gone on this and the 60mm, a bit of a pain having to fit and update the lenses one at a time, after having updated the camera (Couldnt the camera do the lens when the lens was detectected? …., but in all, a small price to pay – Big improvement. I’m also shooting with the Kipon M adapter and startup in MF mode with this is incredibly improved.

    • thank you for feedback, still haven’t decided between nex-7 and x-pro1 🙂 I really like my X100 and I understand drawbacks of both systems (nex and x-pro1). Will try to borrow both for a week to work out which would suit my needs

  15. It should not have been released with such obvious issues as the chatter issues. Fuji has been releasing prototypes to the market. There was a time when this would have been unacceptable. They should have been “right on top of it” before it was released!

    • I agree. But sometimes, there’s a business pressure to release a product within a timeline, specially when trying to ride the wave of the spotlight, attention and hype. Maybe Fuji’s goal was to get the XPro1 out in quantities before the release of the OMD and before the demand for the NEX7 was met by Sony production. Who knows …

      • Yes, I agree with the above. Fuji was riding the wave of its success with the X100. Because of this, the X-Pro 1 feels rushed. It is such a shame because now the next camera Fuji releases it will be facing careful scrutiny and eyebrows raised in doubt.

  16. Chatter is indeed gone. Aperture blades are still moving, but no sound to speak of coming from them. I wonder how they did that with software? The EVF/LCD both seem unchanged to me, but to be honest I don’t use either at all really…

  17. Not to mention, the increasing focusing speed, and my personal favorite, the exposure meter is updated without having to half press the shutter button! Actually, the speed is my favorite, but that is a close second. 🙂

  18. Done! You don’t mention Steve that the lens firmware has to be upgraded too.

    It works – but it makes the EVF / LCD react more slowly when moving from a dark to light – kind of what you’d expect. All they have really done is slow down how fast it aperture blades open and close to keep the live view at the correct exposure, but it certainly makes it pretty quiet – about on a par with the E-P3 and the 20mm Panny lens now.

    Personally never that it was that much of an issue in the first place, but obviously enough people did for them to change things, and this is why I bought into the X-Pro 1 early – I knew there would be some issues, but Fuji have shown willingness to listen and actually change things for the better – the X100 is still being updated one year on! Most other manufacturers have all but forgotten about a model that is a year old, let alone make major changes to it through firmware.

    • Thanks for the observations Matt. It does make me wonder why the chatter would have been present when using the OVF though. Mind boggling. Glad to see Fuji respond quickly. This ought to make lots of people happier, while also dispelling the apologists’ notion that there was no chatter to begin with or that people should just suck it up. Definitely a big step in the right direction. Kudos to Fuji.

    • Nothing to do with Live View – Fuji’s X aperture responds to changing light in all modes – seems to be part of an ongoing metering process. If light remains constant, aperture remains static.

  19. Well, I’d expected to see something about the poor AF in available light situations.

    Steve: From your experience, would you expect to see such an improvement anyway via a software-update or is this just simple a problem, we have to live while using the current set of lenses?

  20. As usual the README describing the fixes that Fuji supplies reads like it’s been written by a back room engineer who doesn’t speak English well, and nobody at Fuji marketing seems to care. Good that they are making the firmware updates of course.

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