Daily Inspiration #344 by Ivan Holmedal


First of all, Steve, I really like your site and follow it almost every day. Your reviews have been of great importance to me, when I chose to go for the M9. I got a used one almost a year back, and it has been a changer. The result is that I sold my DSLR (Canon 5D) that I “lived with” for five years. I now use a M9 and a M6, with Summarit 35mm, Sonnar 50mm f1.5, Elmar 135mm f4. I today I just got the Nokton 35mm f1.2 II 😀

I’m a Norwegian amateur photographer. I would love have photography as a profession, but I also enjoy my current job as a IT engineer at the local hospital here i Bergen (where I live).

Last year, September, I went to a photo trip to Iceland, with friends and photographers. We drove big 4×4 Land Rovers for a week in the west fjords of Iceland. Pure beauty! I mainly used my M9, but also the 5D (now sold), and I can easily say the I enjoyed the M9 files the most!

I fellow photographer had a Noctilux, I think it was from the 80’s, so a early model (f1). That lens was a joy to use, and you would think it’s hard to focus at f1, but it was easy. The focus was dead on 95% of my pictures with that lens. I have to admit that I miss it..

We stopped by the road a few time to get some pictures of the beautiful Icelandic hoses, and the pictures I hope can inspire are from one of the stops. We had limited time, but I got around 20 pictures in an five minute period. I used the M9 with the old Noctilux.

If you like to see more pictures from Iceland or follow my work, check out my site:


Best Regards

Ivan Holmedal



  1. Thanks for all comments, nice to read that the pictures is likeable.

    I have edited the pictures and converted them to B/W in Lightroom, added some contrast and also done some local work on the brighter areas, to get a nice contrast with the darks.

    If you like my work, and want to follow, there is a follow button on my website.

    A few moth ago I bought a M6, and have shot 4 films so far. I really want to come back with a daily inspiration with the M6.


  2. May i ask which focal length did you use for the first image of the horses in the landscape ?
    Very beautiful images you have.

  3. I like your shots. Nice work by any standard,
    But i fail to spot that special and elusive “Leica character” in them, let alone the Noct.
    I believe several mirrorless camera/appropriate lens combinations could have provided the same results.
    No offense..:-)

    • Hello Ulrik,

      Good that you like my work, and about the “Leica character”, no offense taken 😉
      I have tought the same thing as you sometimes, that alot of my pictures probably could be done by other equipment. Maybe I edited away the “Leica character” in these pictures? And is that a bad thing? The bottom line is that I love my equipment, and I know how to use it, both the M9 and M6.
      I also edit the pictures as I want to see them, and I dont think that mutch about if I lost any “Leica character”. You know what I mean?

  4. Some very nice shots Ivan…

    Interesting to note the amazing difference between digital B&W and film B&W… Same lenses, both cameras full frame, same photograpger.

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