Daily Inspiration #332 by Valery Titievsky

Hi Steve,

My name is Valery Titievsky and I come from Russia, I live in West. Siberia in Novosibirsk. I have been reading your website regularly. Reviews I have little interest in photo equipment, I was more interested in photographs of streets and people.

Now I am a free-lance photojournalist. Published in Russian and foreign magazines and newspapers, information agencies.

I like to travel and shoot the lives of ordinary people who live in Russia and other countries. But Russia is much more interesting. Russia is the most unexplored country in terms of photography. In my work I use a camera Leica, film camera Leica MP and Leica M8.2 digital camera. My favorite lenses Summiсron 35 mm / 2 ASPH and Elmarit 28mm / 2.8. I also entity is Elmarit 90mm/2.8 lens, Color Scopar 21mm/4, Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm/2 ZM.

My favorite film Kodak TriX Pan 400. I shoot every day, you can see here

http://www.flickr.com/photos/dotfoto/ or here


Good luck All



  1. Great to see you on here, Valery! I have follow your work on flickr for quite a while and love the everyday simplicity that you bring to the Russian people. And, if you remember, my favorite film is also Tri-X!!! Keep up the great work….

  2. Hi Valery,

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve actually been following your work for about two years now. You have some great street shots where I think you used hyper focus techniques that rendered some really gorgeous captures. Your more intimate work is wonderful as well, there was a cafe series sometime ago that really inspired me.

    I would be interested in hearing about your film techniques and judging exposures. Some of the street shots in complex sunlight/shadow and winter/snow scenes are stunning.

  3. Photos are ok, I suppose. But you need to work on your interest in equipment reviews. That’s really the heart of photography.

  4. Lovely, so inspiring, I visited your flickr gallery immediately. I can imagine that Russia is a real continent to explore with a camera.

  5. Great stuff! I’ve also loved the images you’ve had on the LFI Master Shot (analog) gallery. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I’ve been enjoying your images on Flickr all day man, is there no end to them 😉
    So far, I’ve favored 63 images. Nice work. The above is a tiny sample of your great work. Thanks for sharing with us a glimpse into daily Russian life and your own life. It looks like a place I can shoot for years and years and never grow tired of the people or places.

  7. Excellent control of contrast and composition.

    However, I, and I’m sure many others, appreciate Steve’s reviews of gear and his fun comparisons of equivalent (and not so equivalent) cameras. If we are upgrading or adding to our present kit, such reviews add to the body of knowledge and that’s no burden to carry around for awhile.

    Now, do I buy that haze-free Summaron or not…

    • Totally agree about the review’s I was just talking about the crowd that only reads reviews and compare and argue over cameras instead of using them 😉

      • All cool, Neutral.

        The good thing about photo blogs is the diversity of styles and content. Steve’s has a pleasing balance of tech and art. Others can verge very heavily to the tech, or marketing, which is fine if you’re after a new lens etc,, and some where images are presented with little reference to the “brushes” might be more useful as inspiration (1x.com springs to mind).

        (Having said that, the latter type – and there’s a prime example with Red in its name – are less useful if all they allow is effusive praise for the most god-awful work. There, Aunt Maud’s holiday snaps are inevitably accompanied with, “great capture” (is it a zoo or something?), “amazing”, “awesome” etc..))

  8. Hello Valery !
    It is Nice to see your images here on Steve’s site. As usual, they are superb ! Good luck to you on your new career with photography.
    Best Wishes,
    Henry ( aka K4EYV )
    dit dit

  9. Awesome work Valery! I love your street life photos. You seem to capture the moments at just the right time and your compositions are well executed. Keep up the good work 🙂

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