Daily Inspiration #339 by Eloi Brunelle

Hi Steve,

Last time I sent you pictures was last winter and I was still using my old Panasonic GF1 back then. I loved that camera but since then I’ve acquired an OM-D. Wow! My GF1 instantly became history. Once gain after reading your great reviews I was convinced to get both the 12mm and the 45mm lenses from Olympus. They are so quick it’s insane. I do mainly street photography and with this new setup I am now able to steel shots so fast that people barely notice. I chose 3 examples of my latest candid portraits all shot with the OM-D and the olympus 45mm 1.8. Hope you like them.
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  1. Image 2, the girl on the phone, captures an entire cultural phenomenon in one photograph. The implications of that photo are changing our lives. Wonderful.

  2. Agree, the 2nd shot is beautiful, has a “classic” vibe to it. Love the tonality, and love her expression. Great capture.

  3. The first and last shots are excellent. The second’s ok too, but I’d have liked to see more dept of field, but that’s just my preference.

  4. All 3 are nicely done and well toned, but personally for me, I’d like to have more context in the 2nd and 3rd, especially the 2nd.

    What is it a picture of other than a pretty girl ?

    Is she doing anything unique ? Perhaps humorous or even dangerous by being on her mobile ? Perhaps a wider shot with a “don’t walk” sign at an intersection and her stepping into the street.

    Same goes for #3, what type of man is this ? Without his surroundings we can’t really tell much about him. Homeless with his possessions all in bags ? Perhaps a social activist with a picket sign ?

    Maybe wrong on both counts and he has his 2 children hand in hand walking them to school ?

    Most (but not all) good street photography really is a window into the subjects life, and we can tell so much by their surroundings.

    Sometimes as well, shooting so that people don’t even notice isn’t a benefit.

    Sometimes getting that connection, getting a smile flashed unexpectedly is what makes a powerful photo.

    Anyone can snap quick pics of pretty girls without them noticing, and while many viewers like looking at pretty girls, its not really “street” its more akin to paparazzi

    • Why does an image need to tell a story? An image can just present a moment, a sensation, a vibe with nothing more without being pointless. If you are streetshooting and just looking for puns and events you are certainly missing a lot of life.

      I would consider these street portraits, not street photography in the traditional sense.

    • Hey Jeff,

      I see what you mean and i find your comment helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write. Cheers.

  5. Those are fantastic! Were they developed from RAM or are they JPGs? Any special B/W conversion?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi,

      They where actually shot in jpeg. I converted them to black & white in Lightroom afterwards. No external plugin though.

      Thanks for you comment!


  6. I used to use a EP-2 with EVF and got some great shots.. however, the 4/3rds sensor would occassionally blow out the highlights. The OMD seems to not exhibit that behaviour, and looks like the best of the 4/3’rds.

  7. Love the 1st. I wonder about his reaction, when he realized. Is there a second shot after ? Would be nice.

    • Hey Rafavarium,

      They where actually shot in jpegs. It’s amazing the range this camera delivers, even in jpeg.

      Thanks for your comment


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