Daily Inspiration #369 by Patrick Touma

Hi Steve,

First off: It’s shocking to see not only the city of New York damaged from the hurricane, but also some of the people, that impressed me with their own unique spirit.

I have some photos I took this summer, from – at least in my experience – a vibrant and fantastic city.

Shot with my trustworthy Sony NEX-5n and the 50mm f/1.8.

Best regards from Germany, take care,

Patrick Touma


  1. I also find the third image to be absolutely outstanding. The contrast between the little boy reaching up to the huge bubble floating above him, against the monstrous backdrop of NYC buildings makes for an absorbing image.

  2. For those wondering what Patrick does in PP here he answers the question from his last Daily Inspiration. Love the boy and the bubble Patrick!

    “I shoot RAW, import them to Lightroom and process the photos with ‘VSCO film’ (http://visualsupply.co/film/ (Unfortunately there is no demo, but trust me, it’s great), in this case – you guessed it – i used a Kodak Portra preset.

    Watch some YouTube videos on it, it’s completely different from any Photoshop plug-ins (Alien Skin Exposure for example) out there.

    There are currently 2 packs out, if you want just one, I’d go for the second, for me look is better.”

  3. For all of the “in camera or post processing” questions, he’s definitely using PP to achieve this look. Although my NEX-5 is an older model than his 5N, I shoot with the same great 50mm f1.8 lens, and I can tell you that the files straight out of the camera don’t look like this. Definitely some sort of vintage-look PP going on. Maybe it’s to your tastes, maybe not. But just to clarify, a NEX camera withe the 50mm f1.8 attached does not have a vintage film look straight out of the camera.

  4. Subject matter is great but they all look like they have a fog over them? Was this from the camera or in
    Post processing?

  5. Nice pics and post-processing, Patrick. Could you (or anyone else knowledgeable in this area) share how one can produce this matte and film-like effect in e.g. lightroom? Cheers!

  6. Very nice shots Patrick. Quick question – what did you use in post processing to achieve this effect? (assuming it wasn’t an in-camera filter?) Thx

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