Daily Inspiration #412 by Abhisek Dasgupta

Hi Steve,

I have been a silent reader of your website and really love it. I have been trying to find my interest in photography for a long time and ultimately found my voice answered when I attended one of the workshops by the mighty Eric Kim and Satoki Nagata in Chicago, this year. I realized that I should pursue photography in a candid way as that’s what I love to do .

I have realized that life , on the streets, is big enough a drama that can never cease to amaze me with its untold but beautiful lights , shadows and characters.

Every day I photograph on the streets, new stories and scenes seem to unwrap in a fascinating way to me, that no other journer of photography has been.

Below are some of my favorite shots that are shot with Fuji X100s and X100 which are indeed as good as any modern digital camera can get .

A big THANKS to Satoki for introducing me to the X series and Steve for actually inspiring me to get the X100s through his fabulous reviews.

I shall let the pictures speak for themselves :-

Smiles 🙂










  1. Great shots. The second photograph in particular caught my eye and appears timeless. Keep photographing

  2. I am normally a silent reader of this website but I must say that I appreciated your words and also your shots more than usual.

    Excellent work.

  3. My God!!! I can’t believe that Steve actually did post my pictures in his website. Its like a dream come true for me.

    Thanks o all who liked my photos.

    Well, to answer your questions,I have used SilverEffex pro 2 after all the great reviews i have heard to process my pictures. I am a leica M6 shooter so always looking for the film look.

    Regarding the settings, well I use everything manual but always keep my ISO at 1600 as X100s is good enough upto 3200 ISO.The rest is just reading about the light :).

    This is the greatest day till date in my life..

    Thank you Steve and all others .. You guys have made my day!!!!

    • I think what I like the best about you is that you speak very little with words, but the stories you tell with your photos are complex and beautiful.

  4. Great shots. The first one has heaps of character and textures is very clever.
    Could you share your settings in yours x100s with us as I’m experimenting with mine.

  5. Gorgeous velvety photos! I can almost fall into them. What was your post-processing done with?

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