Daily Inspiration #415 by Pierre Claquin

Dear Steve

I consult your site regularly and appreciate your reviews and enthusiasm. I am a French public health consultant based in Bangladesh and photography is a real passion. Although I still use digital Nikon and Leica, because of the weight and size I am more and more using the Olympus OMD EM5. with the 12-50, the 45, the 35-100 and the Leica glass with an adapter. Because of the limit of three I have selected two portraits (taken with the 35-100) and a group (taken with the 45)..

By the way despite its political tensions and the recent tragedy of the collapse of a garment factory Bangladesh is a great country to visit: the countryside is beautiful, people are friendly and do not mind photographers. There is wildlife in the Sunderbans, numerous festivals and daily life on the rivers is full of photo opportunities.

Best regards

Pierre Claquin





  1. Especially that first portrait is of an amazing quality! Couldn’t tell the difference between small and larger sensor… Excellent, well done!

  2. I could keep my eyes on the portrait of the woman for a century. Pure human beauty.
    Best regards from Lisbon

  3. Le portrait de cette femme est tout simplement incroyable. Bravo. Quel logiciel utilisez-vous pour traiter vos ras (si vous en utilisez un) ?

    • i don’t think he is talking about a Panasonic, I think it’s the Olympus 35-100. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think he specified. I had the Olympus, and it was spectacular (as was the 14-35).

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