Daily Inspiration #418 by Dani C

Hi Steve…

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Danny from Jakarta, Indonesia. Love traveling, wandering and taking pictures.

I’ve been following your website for about 1.5 years now, and i think it’s your site who really introduce me to the quality of compact system camera. I was a DSLR user before, and like many other reader of this site, i jumped to another world…. It’s not an easy decision to choose which compact camera to suit me. After reading here and there, comparing a lot of review on the web…finally i have a Fuji X-E1 in my hand! and I’m very happy with it….

After about 2 months holding the X-E1 without getting chance to try it seriously, i recently brought this beautifully small camera to Burma for a holiday. It’s a lazy short trip, but i had enough time to try out this new camera. I rarely took people/portrait picture on my previous trip, but this camera kind of persuading me to try another style of photography i rarely did.

I think the real difference between this little camera to my previous DSLR is that i feel more confident to get close to my subject (people) while traveling. It really unobtrusive, unlike my big DSLR.

So, enough speaking… here i send you 3 images from X-E1 in Burma…all taken with the kit lens. Hope you and readers like it.

Oh.. and for those who interested on some other picture, here is a link to my site.

leave a comment/critics if you like..it’s very welcome!

Cheers and keep inspiring!

child of nyaung oo

girl n bike bw



  1. I’m really, really against of all forms of taking advantage of people. And I do not like photos of poor people, or people struggling against poverty. And I certainly do not like that is kinda recipe of success that photographers are abusing of. I think the extreme orient is much more than that. You, as an inhabitant of that part of the world, you should definitely not “subscribe” to the Nat Geo way of making money/audience. Photographing kids is similarly dangerous. Use your gear in a more ethic, responsible manner.

    • I don’t see any crime in Danny photographing people in this way. After all, it is a form of ‘lifestyle’ photography and it is in no way meant to degrade people or take advantage of them for success like you said. I understand you may not like to see photographs of poor people or poverty in any form, but it doesn’t negate its reality in this part of the world.

    • Hi Liviu…
      I had a chance of traveling to area which probably had more poor people than in other part of this world… and if I traveled to the other part of this world, my picture would probably showing less poor people. I just share what I saw through my camera while traveling and do not intend to take advantage of them.
      As I said on my introduction, I love traveling, wandering, taking picture… it’s just that.


  2. Nice I like the files from the ex1 better than the new leica m240 thanks for sharing your photos

    • Picture I posted in this site, yes. On my site, the zoom lens and the Pentax SMS m 135/3.5. I really love the zoom….

  3. love the human portrait in their daily life

    foto2 di Jakarta nya jangan lupa 🙂
    kalau sempat, jalan bersama moto2 santai

    William Jusuf

  4. Very nice, Dani! Excellent quality, artistic compositions, good exposure and colour (or tone). A pleasure to view.

    – Peter (Montreal, Canada)

  5. Great work! Like your site also. I prefer the b&w versions more compared to the ones on the site. You’ve got a good eye and I’ll keep an eye on your site for more pics.

    • Thanks Sepehr… I really enjoy working with B&W recently… Sometime cannot decide which one I prefer

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