Daily Inspiration #420 by Tim Hogendoorn

Hello Steve,

Since a little while I almost daily visit your website as I think give very good reviews and tips! I also saw the “Daily Inspiration” topic and thought “well, why not”, haha.

I am a third year student photographer in Rotterdam.

Currently I have an internship at Jeroen Toirkens with Jiri Buller and Chris Bonis which is VERY educative and fun as well! 🙂

From the start of my education (and before) I had been photographing analog with many camera’s and last year (untill a couple of months ago) with a Leica M6 + Summarit 50.

Just recently I switched from the M6 to an M8.2 and I am very happy with it as I can photograph in exactly the same style but digital, haha!

The photograph I have chosen is added as an attachment.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Good luck with photographing and keep up the good work!

Thank you,






  1. U could have merely posted one photo (#1) and this would have equally been a hell of a “daily inspiration”.

  2. Hi Tim,

    I really like the first shot! Glad you’re enjoying the M8. Rotterdam has some sweet spots to capture ‘on film’. A lot of success with your internship and all the best!


  3. Hi Tim
    You certainly are developing a very strong style of your own….great pictures….thank you….

  4. hey Tim !!! Great Work. Love the Firemen ongoing essay in your website … that is really good. How you enjoying the M8.2 It has a particular character that is so distinct… even though I have the M9/P I still cannot let go of that M8.2


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