The new Leica G-Star Raw Special Edition D-Lux 6 is Announced!


Really? This is the new Leica special edition? Yep…the new “D-Lux 6 – G-Star RAW Edition”. This is really a Panaosnic LX-7 through and through besides the new fancy exterior. An LX-7 sells for $359. The Leica D-Lux 6 comes in at $799. This one is going to come in at $1325. Almost $1000 more than the one with the Panasonic logo on it and it is the same exact camera. I adored the D-Lux 5 and would pay the couple hundred extra for it over the old LX-5 but when you are talking $1325 for a $300 camera then..well.. Looks like this is one for the collectors. I remember being told about a year and a half ago that Leica was doing something with G-Star but was top secret, so guess it has been planned for quite a while.

The funny thing is that I love G-Star RAW clothing. I will be sporting a couple of G-Star jackets on the Palouse trip this weekend πŸ™‚ But this new special edition is one for hardcore Leica AND G-Star fans. I do admit it looks slick and the case and cap are nicely designed. Actually looks like a real “Mini M” Β – lol. But this is the special edition that was mentioned a couple of weeks back and will also be available tomorrow at the Grand Opening of the Leica Store in Los Angeles.

I am aware there are those that will eat this one up, so if you want it you can buy one from Ken Hansen,, Dale Photo or The Pro Shop. πŸ™‚

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  1. Ace quality and finish stunning lens compared to the “Panny” and Leather ive got one.
    LEICA D-LUX 6 G-Star RAW.
    Leica collaborates with G-Star denim label to create a unique special edition digital compact camera.
    Solms, Germany, 19 June 2013: Leica Camera AG is pleased to announce a special edition Leica D-LUX 6 digital compact camera in collaboration with G-Star, the Dutch denim label. Inspired by the trademark G-Star RAW fashion collection, the new Leica D-LUX 6 ‘Edition by G-Star RAW’ features a timeless and distinctive look, thereby making it a stylish accessory for the aficionado who wishes to stand out from the crowd.
    The body of the Leica D-LUX 6 ‘Edition by G-Star RAW’ is finished in the typical RAW house style, and incorporates the slogan ‘LEICA BY G-STAR RAW… JUST THE PRODUCT’ on th top of the pop up flash and RAW EDITION on the front of the bottom plate. The special edition’s leather trim is also unique, and is the first time ever that it has been used on Japanese made Leica digital compact camera. The distinctive dots equally play an essential role in characterising the look of the Leica D-LUX 6 ‘Edition by G-Star RAW’ camera as well as providing an exceptional level of grip.
    The Leica D-LUX 6 ‘Edition by G-Star RAW’ brings together a highly acclaimed product, cutting-edge design, as well as style, and comes as part of a dedicated set which features eye-catching and sought-after accessories exclusive to the new camera, highly-prized items which cannot be purchased individually. These are namely a G-Star RAW branded and styled brown leather case which can be proudly worn with elegant and discerning matching shoulder and wrist straps.
    Apart from the leather body trim, the gun metal finished top and bottom plate and G-Star RAW engravings the specification is identical to the standard D-LUX 6.
    About G-Star RAW
    Established in 1989, G-Star RAW is a modern Dutch denim label which has enjoyed a reputation as a pioneer in its sector and is famous for its legendary style of jeans. The company’s ethos has always revolved around the philosophy ‘just the product’, and maintains a continued commitment to unconventional craftsmanship in denim. With its 3D denim concept and the launch of G-Star Elwood using only untreated RAW denim fabrics, G-Star has set new standards in the denim segment. For more information, visit

  2. I have the D-Lux6 G-Star Raw edition, and I’m delighted with it. The $1190 price is $390 more than the standard D-Lux6, but contains $320 in extra accessories, all of which I find necessary for my use. The comparison of LX7 to D-Lux6 price is another matter, but don’t blame Leica for the fact that Panasonic is dumping LX7’s ahead of its new LF1 camera.

  3. This Leica is really horrible overpriced, i know it’sa special Edition, as Leica did this many Times before
    with their M-Series…but a simple Pana LX7 equivalent as “pimped” G-Star Raw Edition – c’mon guys,
    for this money i can get a Fujifilm X-E1 plus a good lens! Which is way better, for the record.

  4. Well Not impressed Leica and ‘Future’ High end fashion Branding well You can dress up Pannasonic Attatch Leica Red Dot-(Cool retro design case-Reminds me of Leica ii Olde leather case) but really? Somewhat of a waste but if money is no object and you like to collect leica D Be My Guest.
    Agree with many others i just aquired an early M6 (awaiting) Light meter circut repair I shoot Micro Four Thirds with LTM Primes with various adapters-Pentax M42 lens-Voigtlander-Etc…Trying to get by using a Decent Epson Scanner with Prints.
    Film is still my first passion and for you fans of APUG out there JJ Abrams US Cinematographer Interview with Star Trek 2 Feature…I was Extreemly happy do Re-discover Dispite the D SLR Hybrid Revolution the Pros STILL PREFER (Drum roll please)
    All Stand for respect 35mm Film.
    Don’t feel bad. So I realise the debate of Film Vs. Digital Oh I’ll Never go back now…But for a long while film might take a bit longer to Develop but I dont believe the hype. Basic BW darkroom in a Bathroom-Small basement Cant wait acouple of minutes to bulk develop with Vitimen C and Coffee?
    Well come to the 19th Century. Please leica RD invent something we can all be Really proud of and forget all the Bells and Wistles.
    How about a Total Gamechanger. A New Half-Frame (Afordable) N (After M N for New?)
    Next Generation PanaLeica with a Smaller Red dot (Lower bottom Left)
    An New Redesigned Improved ‘M 4/3.
    Lets put Fuji-Olympus-and really have someing to

  5. “Instead of redesigning the camera, we’re re-imagining it” Oh my god what fucking douche chills that guy gave me! It’s one thing to have money, but to have zero principles, is another thing. The camera isn’t all that great to begin with, especially vs. the myriad great Sony/Fuji/Richoh stuff out there now. But boy do Leica understand their target market!

  6. Hahaha… I always said you Leica heads had more money then sense…. And now just a little more proof that Leica agrees with me….

  7. Nice looking camera, and just lovely looking case. Would not buy, but couldn’t blame someone for wanting to treat themselves to it.

  8. an utter waiste of money as this Japanese Camera is not as good as its fellow Japanese model the Sony RX100.
    all your paying for is that wee red dot.
    looks like the best compact so far is the razor sharp Ricoh GR.
    Jim Seekers, Edinburgh – Scotland.

  9. Who is buying this stuff? Does Leica actually find customers for these products? Honestly, if I saw someone shooting with this, I would immediately assume that 1) they just want the camera as a fashion accessory, 2) they look foolish, because as a fashion accessory this is just a tarted up Panasonic, 3) they have more money than brains. I assume that because Leica keeps making these things that people are buying them, but my god, it’s really dumb.

  10. I don’t begrudge Leica making a buck producing expensive toys for the rich and self involved. I just hope some of the profits are being put into R&D on some more world-class tools for serious photographers.

  11. besides the real M, Any other Leica cameras is for people who wants the word “Leica” printed on their camera body. and yes, they are charging thousand(s) for that and (some) people are buying…

  12. Before that chap in the video actually started speaking, I thought that he was the French DJ: Bob Sinclair! And I said to myself: β€˜well yes, that IS the kind of client that Leica’s marketing team would be aiming for in this camera – very wealthy, hip, fashion aware and dare I say it, somewhat narcissistic… ’
    Can anyone tell me exactly what the term β€˜RAW’ means in this context? Surely, it can not have anything to do with photography – could it be a fashion term?

  13. don’t understand why leica would want to associate their name with G-STAR RAW – overpriced and poor quality clothes

    • They are also partnering with Paul Smith with the Leixa X2 Paul Smith Edition and also with Hermes for the Leica M. Too many partnerships, and with brands that do not have anything in common. For me only the partnership with Hermes makes some sense as they share some of their brand values. Leica needs to rethink all their marketing strategy urgently, in terms of new products (Leixa x2, Leica X Vario) communication and partnerships.

  14. So now you can see why I always had the impression that Leica stores, Apple stores and BMW bike stores are more of a boutique selling rich man accessories than shops concerned with the real mccoy… πŸ˜€

    • It has nothing similar to Apple stores, so no….I cannot see why you had that impression. Do you feel this way because you can’t afford them?

      • Sorry but it is VERY similar to Apple stores here in Italy (overpriced underspecced shiny things in glass cases), and your accusation about my financial situation is the cheap and stale old trick of another “wealthier than thou” dude.
        Get a life.

        • Hi Andrea. Seriously, you might want to try an Apple product instead of just glaring at them through shop windows, and you might discover why people are willing to pay more for them. The work well, work hard, and last long. Value for the dollar (or lira) is very high with Apple products. Try reselling a Windows computer and reselling an Apple, and you’ll discover which holds its value better.

          • Sorry for you, but I have “endured” iOS for an year and an half, and no way I’ll be back to it while I’m currently using more up-to-date and versatile technology – and don’t care about reselling value if it means struggling for the entire time I’m WORKING with it. Currently I drive an Italian sport tourer bike with more advanced features of a BMW 1200 GS (that I’ve borrowed from a friend of mine). And yes, I’ve shoot many rolls of film with a Leica… So you can say that I usually don’t speak on matters about something I have no first-hand knowledge.

            Those are, of course, MY opinions… but at least informed opinions, and not third-party…


          • …and it’s not lira any more – it’s the Euro – and has been for over a decade.

  15. Cool looking, so as a fashion accessory, why not. As a camera, I`d rather buy more value for the money and USD 1300 buys some really capable tools these days, be it digital or film. A M6 with a legacy lens for example offers both, it`s really hip and cool looking and a great tool for serious photography at the same time (and keeps its value).

  16. This is one of the few special editions from Leica that I like the looks of. I do hate the price, however.

    • Except for that RAW edition logo plastered ALL over it. Can’t help thinking it would have looked much better without it.
      Heck. Buy a CL used and shoot some film.

      • My God! I just checked the pretentious video with some fellow trying to sound just like Apple’s designer. I think I’m a bit overdosed on Leica special Editions.No more Leica, please! Make ordinary editions for people that want to take photos.

    • That is not saying very much! A very good point and shoot. Over priced to carry the Leica Logo. But a good camera that I would like to own, but not this one!

  17. Interesting…That red dot does make the camera stand out among the sea of LX-7s but I just can’t afford to pay the premium for the membership. Was hoping the Mini M was going to be ticket into the elite club.

    Following the link in the article the LX7 looks like a really good camera.for $359.

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