GoPro Gimbal Shootout – Feiyu Tech G4s vs EVO GP-PRO

GoPro Gimbal Shootout – Feiyu Tech G4s vs EVO GP-PRO


Something different! Lately I have been searching for a Gimbal solution for either a camera like my Sony A7RII or Olympus E-M5II for vlogging and side projects I work on daily with video. I do much more in life these days than just this website, and have been working with video more and more. Not pro level crazy stuff, but just casual use for vlogging. After my long search I have not found anything that beats a simple, small powered gimbal using a GoPro 4 silver or black. I narrowed them down to two after tests and after that, I now narrowed it down to one with my fave gimbal for portability, effectiveness, build, performance, battery life and functionality. That is the EVO-GP-PRO. The motors are SO powerful and rock solid on this gimbal, night and day next to the Feiyu Tech G4s. If you are not sure what a gimbal does, it helps create super smooth silky video, in this case, for a GoPro camera.

The video above explains it all and IMO the EVO wins. I have both right here with me as I write this, no contest. If you need or want a solid gimbal that will work well, have a great US warranty and deliver the steadiest results, check out the EVO GP-PRO.



  1. Hi Steve,

    I know this thread started a year back but I’ve made a list of the gimbals I thought were contenders for the GP5 Black that I’ve recently bought. Maybe you know about them or have tried them (other than EVO) but let me know what you think. All of these have to be waterproof, Bluetooth remote or app connecTed, and detachable.

    a) Feiyu WG2 (lasts 2.5 hours, $240 USD)

    b) Removu S1 (lasts 4-5 hours, $359 USD)

    c) Lan Pare LA3D-S2 (requires Hero5 Black kit for wireless detachable apparatus->buy separate, lasts 4-8 hours depending on battery used, useful for smartphone as well, $219 USD)

    d) YI Tech 4K (2-4.5 hours, $199 USD)

    e) EVO (needs Hero5 Black adaptor, lasts 5 hours, $279 USD)

    f) Zhiyun Smooth Q (handheld only as undetachable to fit on other mounts, useful for smartphone, Hero5 adapter needed, lasts for 12 hours!, $150 USD)

    Thanks and let me know.

    • A friend of mine did and it led him to sell his EVO as it was awful with the GP5 (audio and the fact he said the GP banged against the gimbal and even scratched up his GP5).

  2. Just tried the Zhiyun Z1-Evolution and had some issues (drift/bounce and repetitve shutdowns)
    I made a quick “beginner with gopro/gimbal” review here :

    I’m not really happy with this one and i returned it to the Amazon reseller.
    Now, i look for the EVO, but it looks exactly the same, i’m afraid to get the same “bounce”/”drift” problems…
    Beside, why EVO doesn’t sell their product in Europe ? I mean Feiyu and Zhiyun do.

  3. Hi Steve!

    A few months ago you recommended the DJI Osmo on your pages, something I seriously considered. I was still caught up with the versatility and durability of the GoPro though so I hesitated!

    Would you recommend these choices in concert with a GoPro over the Osmo? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

  4. Cool!

    Can you tell me what song it is playing right after the intro? Its the same song playing on many digitalrev videos and always wondered. Thank!

    • Just tried my Feiyu again: one long press on the button gives ROCK SOLID 3-D stabilisation ..I can’t even move the camera if I try to push it in the gimbal with my fingers!

      A couple of short presses and it releases the ROCK SOLID stabilisation, so that it gently continues to turn and gently stops, following whichever left or right twist I make on the handle ..for a very gentle turn left or right.

      It immediately locks solidly immobile – and gives absolutely rigid stabilisation up/down. twist left/right, tilt left/right , tilt fore/aft – with one -l-o-n-g- squeeze on the control button: never fails. And never drifts.

    • Used it for three months, around 30 started after that and there is nothing to tweak. It just drifts. The EVO motors seem 2X as strong, its a beast. Much much better gimbal for me.

      • Yeah I’ve got the Feiyu and it’s been good so far, however the first one I bought had to be sent back because it just wouldn’t work. It would remain all floppy like when there is no power on. I’m not sure if it was Feiyu or where I bought it but they were brilliant and sent another one as soon as the took a look at it.

    • These are for GoPro ONLY. For A7R size cameras you must choose a larger gimbal of which many are available. But the extra size, weight turned me off of those as I use these A LOT and can easily carry them in my camera bag. Check B&H Photo for larger gimbals for larger cameras.

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