Bag Giveaway Daily Inspiration #12 By Rick Jacobi

Bag Contest Daily Inspiration #12

By Rick Jacobi

Hi Steve,

I have been following your site for over a year. You give the most common sense reviews of anyone out there. Visiting you site is a daily occurrence. A year ago I was shooting a DSLR camera. Then I tried a Leica 240M and immediately got the Leica bug. I bought an M240  and the Leica Monochrome 246. Street photography is my passion and I love B&W.

The first time really to use the new Monochrome camera was last year in Southern France. I shot with the Monochrome and Summilux 50mm lens to ge these three photos. It shows the different types of composition that you can find walking the streets. I carry Leica 240 along with the Monochrome just in case I see a shot that might look better in color. That only happens about 5-10% of the time. I loved the Monochrome before France but really fell in love with it while there. It is fun camera to use and it inspires me to hit the streets more trying get that special photo. Thank you Steve for the work you do and sharing that with all of us.




Rick Jacobi


  1. Great to see a wide tonal range being used to good effect.

    The bar has been substantially raised.

  2. These are very nice images..

    I have been confused whether to get the M240 now or should I wait till Photokina when it is rumoured that the new M will be launched, in that case just get the the Leica MM for now… ( which I had originally planned to get in 1-2 years ).. eventually have both the new M & also an MM.
    So my question really is do you think I would really miss a monochrome if I get the new M when launched.. I shoot about 50% in B&W specially during street photography.. But all family & holiday photos are in color..

    Your thought would be great help. Thank you.

    • Hi Bharat,

      if you pre-order the new M you might get it before Christmas and will be so amazed with it that there is no way that you would miss not to have bought the MM. The B&W conversions of both the M9 and the M240 are great, so no doubt the next Leica child will be gorgeous at it.

      I would pass on the M240 and wait until Photokina. You can get an MM in the meantime. Or go for a more affordable camera for B&W work -as I do- and save for a premium lens to go with the new M.

      Very nice pictures, by the way. A little bit too obvious post processing for my taste though. I love the perspective in the second one.

      • Hi Diegaulle,

        Thank you for your advice.

        So you are saying that in your opinion the new M would have similar results when images are converted to B&W. In that case I should just wait for the new m and I could do without the MM. I understand that we are all hoping and guessing until we see what is out at Photokina.

        I called the Leica store and tried to pre book the New M. They were not willing to do this and In fact told me that they were not expecting any new M to be released!!!

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