Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #20 by Matus Kalisky

Daily Inspiration Bag Giveaway #20

by Matus Kalisky

(From Steve: We are 20 deep into this contest! Only 10 more to go and then the voting by all of you here, the readers, begins! We have all entries and then some, so no more are needed though you can submit three images as a daily inspiration to post after the contest)

Hello Steve,

have to admit that I have check your webpage after longer time (got distracted by a new hobby) and so found out about the ‘daily inspiration contest’. I was considering to submit a daily inspiration entry since a long time, but this contest finally got me to pull the trigger.

I have always enjoyed shooting 6×6 film cameras and I found both Mamiya 6 and Rolleiflex to be excellent for travel as they fit even a small shoulder bag, yet they can deliver excellent image quality. I am no ‘analogue extremist’ and I really enjoy my Olympus EM5II, but the film just give different look that I really love.

The following photos were taken in south Spain with Mamiya 6 and 150/4.5 lens


Photo 1:
Friends in Alhambra


Photo 2:
Patiently waiting for me to take the shot (it took me forever to focus)

109 001

Photo 3:
Sunset at Trafalgar

119 001

Kind Regards

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  1. The second photo of the Primate is extremely good, such a well captured moment! The laid back pose, direct gaze and look in it’s eyes make it seem very human somehow. Black and White gives the subject even more soul. I can’t stop looking at this photo.

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