Daily Inspiration #1034 by Kurt Staehr

Hi Steve!

I have followed your site for several years and I get a lot of inspiration from your  ”Daily Inspiration” as well as from your reviews of new and old gear. Thank you very much.

Normally I use a Fujifilm X-100S for most of my daily photography.  I also have a Nikon D610 with several lenses, which I don’t use very much anymore, due to the heavy weight.

However the last week of May this year I went to Greenland to take landscape pictures, specially pictures of  the Icebergs at Ilulissat Icefjord. For that occasion I decided to take both the Fujifilm X100S (as you know with a fixed lense 23mm(35mm) and the Nikon D610 with only with the 70-200mm f/2,8. Instead of changing lenses I just changed camera to save time and to avoid any possibility to get dirt in the camera due to the changing of lenses.

Greenland is a fantastic place and the colors of the icebergs are so be beautiful that it cannot be described in pictures, but must be experienced with your own eyes.   However I still hope my pictures give you an idea of how beautiful it is.

I enclose three pictures which I hope might have your interest to be published on your site – thank you in advance. Please excuse my english not being a native.


Best regards

Kurt Staehr

Sanatorievej 15

DK-7140 Stouby, Denmark



    • Two of the pictures are from a boat one from the coast. Due to lot of ice it was quite an exciting experience (the boat we were on was like the one you see on the picture)

  1. I had a look at your website and you have a beautiful portfolio. The experimentals are great too!

  2. Enough to make one shiver! Very good “landscape” work. (And by the way I think your two-camera solution is the ideal travel gear – I do the same, other cameras, same principle.”

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