Canon announces new 85mm f/1.4 L Lens. Nice.

Canon announces new 85mm f/1.4 L Lens. Nice.

Ahhh, a new Canon 85mm has been announced and is up for pre order now at B&H Photo. This lens is most likely an UPGRADE to the old 85 f/1.2 and while you give up that tiny but of aperture speed, you gain image stabilization and what I will predict will be amazing modern optics. But will it have the cream and dream of the old 85? I love the old 85mm and the 50L as well, and have used them on my Sony cameras, and showed my results on these very pages. This one promises to be amazing, I look forward to testing it out.

Here it is..

  • EF-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format
  • Maximum Aperture: f/1.4
  • One GMo Aspherical Element
  • Air Sphere Coating
  • Ring-Type Ultrasonic Motor AF System
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Dust- and Water-Resistant Construction
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm

You can pre order this lens for $1,599 at B&H Photo. Ships soon.

More info…

This portrait-length L-series prime is designed for full-frame Canon EF-mount DSLRs, however can also be used with APS-C models where it will provide a 136mm equivalent focal length.
Notably fast f/1.4 maximum aperture offers extensive control over depth of field for working with selective focus techniques. This bright design also benefits working in low-light conditions.
One glass-molded aspherical element helps to reduce distortion and spherical aberrations for improved sharpness and clarity.
An Air Sphere Coating (ASC) has been applied to lens elements to reduce backlit flaring and ghosting for maintained light transmission and high contrast in strong lighting conditions.
A ring-type Ultrasonic Motor (USM), along with optimized AF algorithms, is employed to deliver fast, precise, and near-silent autofocus performance.
Optical image stabilization minimizes the effects of camera shake by compensating for up to four stops of shutter speed.
Full-time manual focus operation is available for fine-tuning of your focus position when working in the AF mode.
A weather-resistant design protects the lens from dust and moisture to enable its use in inclement conditions.
Nine rounded diaphragm blades contribute to a pleasing out of focus quality that benefits the use of shallow depth of field and selective focus techniques.

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